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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane furious as baby drama makes the front page


Tane becomes enraged this week on Home and Away in Australia when rumours circulating around town cast doubt on his ability to care for baby Maia.

Tane (Ethan Browne) found a 3-month-old on the beach last month, and since then, he has hardly left her side at Northern Districts Hospital as they started looking for emergency foster carers. His friends are starting to get worried.

Tane was certain that he would be the one to look after the kid after they quickly bonded, but he was dismayed to hear Harper (Jessica Redmayne) clarify that he wouldn’t be able to because he doesn’t have permanent status in Australia.

Ethan Browne of TV Week said, “Tane feels protective of her, but he has been visiting the baby at the hospital on a regular basis, which the staff begin to notice.”


Tane chose the Maori term for bravery, Maia, for her instead of calling her “Baby X.” Rose (Kirsty Marillier), though, clarified that the name shouldn’t be taken outside of the hospital room. The true parents might feel even more cut off from the child if it became public knowledge.

Reporter Peter Rolfe of Coastal News was the stranger Alf (Ray Meagher) saw poking around the surf club and snapping photos of the appeal sign and donation form. After reading a few of Peter’s dramatic pieces in the past, Alf declined to speak with him.

But Dana wasn’t as knowledgeable. She revealed that the baby was doing well and that she knew this because she worked as a nurse at the hospital after giving Peter a poster. Without delay, Peter embraced his newfound information and asked Dana to join him for a drink.

Dana didn’t know that Peter was only trying to get information about the baby since she was too busy trying to convince her new infatuation, Xander (Luke Van Os), that she was out with someone and wasn’t still crushing on him.


She offered Peter enough information to pinpoint Tane’s identity when she unintentionally divulged the baby’s name and said that Tane had proposed it.

Soon after, a story on the Coastal News website surfaced, which Alf, Roo (Georgie Parker), and Marilyn (Emily Symons) read with disdain due to the piece’s unsavoury angle.

The journal also questioned Tane’s preoccupation with infant Maia and brought up the fact that both of his late brothers, Mikaere and Ari, had served time for armed robbery, in addition to criticising Rose and her fellow police of being incompetent.

When the print edition of the paper arrived the following morning and included a picture of Tane on the main page, Alf became even more enraged.


This week, Harper had to apologise to Tane when she gives him a copy of the Coastal News with his face all over it, according to TV Week. It not only identifies him but also reveals that he is the owner of the surf club’s gym.

Peter meets Tane, who doesn’t seem to be grateful for his presence, when he later chooses to pay a visit to the hospital in an attempt to gather additional rumours.

After Peter is compelled to leave the hospital, Tane lashes out at him fiercely. But would his threat to file a formal complaint cause Tane any more problems as a result?

Remi is soon exposed by Bree for his motorcycle deceit somewhere in Summer Bay.

Bree was shocked last week when Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Justin (James Stewart) showed Remi his freshly repaired motorcycle, after the season finale accident that almost claimed the life of the Lyrik guitarist.

Although Bree enjoyed riding the bike for herself in the days prior to the accident, she had expressed her disapproval of Remi taking up riding again. Bree had not liked the concept of Remi taking care of his buddy Mercedes (Amali Golden)’s bike in the first place.


After catching Remi sitting on the bike and revving the engine, Bree gave him an ultimatum, reminding him that motorcycle riders are recognised in the medical community as organ donors. If he got back on the bike again, their relationship was over.

It seemed that as he talked to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about Bree, she was able to persuade him to consider things from Bree’s perspective because she had been there for him in the hospital, watching him struggle to survive.

After expressing his regret to Bree, Remi said, “I love that bike, but I love you more.” “I will never get back on that bike again, and I am hanging up my jacket.”

But as soon as we caught Remi on the phone with Justin, enquiring as to whether he would be able to leave his bike at the garage for a month or two, it was clear that he was lying.

Bree expressed gratitude to Remi once more for his understanding and expressed surprise at how quickly he had changed his mind when he revealed that he was communicating with Mercedes, who was making arrangements for the bike to be picked up.

In the teaser for tonight’s episode, Remi is shown hanging out at the surf club with Bree, much to the delight of Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Remi claims Justin was simply talking in general when Bree queries him about it, but Justin almost drops Remi in it by saying he’ll be back on his bike before he knows it.

Remi, albeit frail, is soon seen getting back on the bike and riding it around Summer Bay.

Later on, when Eden learns Remi’s secret, he informs her that he can’t let Bree know.

“What?” Eden answers. “That you’re telling her lies?”

Remi ultimately makes the choice to tell Bree the truth.

He admits to her that he lied about the bike. “I would never have thought to get rid of it.”

Is this Remi and Bree’s last curtain call?

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