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Home and Away casts Titans star as newest bad boy


Joshua Orpin, a Hollywood actor, has been cast as the newest “bad boy” on Home and Away.

Joshua, who is most renowned for playing Conner Kent, also known as Superboy, in the second series of DC Comics’ Titans, has joined the programme and will make his premiere appearance later this year, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Although specifics about his character are still being withheld, the newspaper has disclosed that he will be “a bit of a bad boy.”

Joshua told the Daily Telegraph, “I can say he is a bit of a bad boy who comes into the show and stirs up some trouble among the Summer Bay locals.” “On the surface, he seems like one thing, but I’ve had a lot of fun discovering his great depth.”


With Dean Thompson’s (Patrick O’Connor) departure last year, Summer Bay has been left without a permanent “bad boy.” In February 2018, Dean became the newest member of the Mangrove River gang known as the River Boys, which was founded by Darryl “Brax” Braxton (Steve Peacocke).

The gang played a significant role in the plots of Home and Away for several years, beginning with Brax’s 2011 arrival in Summer Bay.

After Heath moved out of the bay in 2017, the gang’s control over the programme came to an end. Heath was the final member to reside in the bay.

When Dean arrived in 2018, things continued in a way, although despite being portrayed as their new leader, he quickly found a more laid-back lifestyle in Summer Bay and largely moved on from his gang history.


Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), a boyhood buddy of Dean’s, was also a former member; however, at the time of his own debut in February 2018, he had also moved on from his criminal past and was employed by Yabbie Creek Police as a Senior Constable.

The show’s current group of younger male characters, Theo (Matt Evans), Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Xander (Luke Van Os), Mali (Kyle Shilling), Levi (Tristan Gorey), and Remi (Adam Rowland), are all flawless.

Even the once-bad boy Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) has changed from a troublemaker to a devoted family man who only wants a family and kids. Tane is currently operating Summer Bay Fit on the straight and narrow.

It’s unclear what mischief Joshua Orpin’s “bad boy” persona will wreak in Summer Bay, and it’s unclear if he plays a major supporting role or is a full cast member.


Orpin, a Melbourne native, was eager to accept the job because it would help him get over his homesickness, according to The Daily Telegraph. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor stated that he was unable to travel back to his native country, not even in between playing engagements.

Orpin said, “I have worked abroad and have been homesick, especially over Covid where I wasn’t able to come back to Australia even when I wasn’t working. That was one of the reasons I was excited to take on this gig.”

“I was eager to get into some Australian content… When this chance to immerse myself in Australian TV, movies, and plays presented itself, I saw it as the ideal one.

In addition, he disclosed that he has never worked on a project like Home and Away, where the cast records a staggering five episodes every week, putting in twelve hours a day, six days a week.

He told the outlet, “It’s really enjoyable; for someone who hasn’t worked in this genre of TV before, it’s just an adjustment.” It moves quite quickly, and it’s amazing how much television they can generate in a short amount of time both in terms of volume and quality.

You have to be quick, nimble, and really organised to be a part of that. I’m happy about it since it really helps you become more skilled and knowledgeable.


A lot of new faces are expected to come in Summer Bay in the upcoming months, including Joshua’s character.

The debut of Stevie Marlow (Catherine Văn-Davies), a well-known actress that Cash has been hired to shield from her obsessive stalker, occurred last week in the Australian episodes.

In late April, she will make her screen debut in the UK.

Mahesh Jadu as an unknown character follows closely behind Stevie.

He appears to be connected to Stevie because the two of them have shared some intense moments. Here’s more information on that.

Spoilers and gossip about Ingrid Rose Foster from Home and Away

Even though Mahesh’s character appears to be related to Stevie, he will soon catch the eye of a Summer Bay figure who already exists.

Watching the show’s filming in Palm Beach, a show fan noticed Juliet Godwin, who plays Bree, kissing the new actor. This suggests that a breakup between Bree and Remi and a new relationship for the Summer Bay doctor might happen in a few weeks.

Regards, Danielle Stevens

Mahesh, who was born in Perth, has roles in two Netflix series: Marco Polo as Ahmad and Neighbours as Dr. Doug Harris, a recurrent character from 2010 to 2011.

In the Australian episodes from last week, Remi received a warning from Bree that if he ever rode his motorcycle again, their relationship will end.

Remi initially promised Bree that he would give up his cherished motorcycle in order to save their relationship, but in this week’s episode, he betrays her by taking her for a ride and then admits that he never really wanted to give it up.

Bree and Remi are expected to break up in the upcoming weeks as a result of his betrayal, which will free up the documentary to focus on a new relationship with Summer Bay’s newest character.

“In the months to come,” Joshua Orpin will make his debut as the newest bad boy in Summer Bay.

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