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Home and Away Spoilers – Summer Bay says a sad goodbye to Bella Nixon


Home and Away in the UK will be saying farewell to another Summer Bay resident next week when Bella Nixon leaves for her dream job in New York.

Emmett Ellison, Bella’s former mentor, returned last week, surprising Bella (Courtney Miller), who had herself left Australia for New York City the previous year.

Bella was given the chance to work as Emmett’s assistant on a three-month assignment back in New York by Emmett, but she invited Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to accompany her out of concern for their relationship.

As a paid lifeguard for Summer Bay Surf Club, Nik has just recently secured his own version of the American dream job. Although Nik’s boss John (Shane Withington) was disappointed to learn that Nik could have to give it all up, he pledged to back Nik in his choice.


In the end, Nik realised that his own aspirations were equally as essential as Bella’s, and he told John that he was staying in Summer Bay while Bella was away in the city organising her passport.

Bella makes a comeback this week and is eager to show Nik a list of the fun things they can do together in New York, but as Nik stops her, Bella knows what’s about to happen. Nik, please don’t say that.

Bella is devastated to learn that Nik won’t be travelling with her, and despite Nik’s assurances that he will support her at every turn, Bella informs Emmett that she is unable to accept his proposal.

Bella is making the incorrect choice, according to Emmett, Mackenzie (Emily Weir), and Dean (Patrick O’Connor), but if she wants to alter her mind, she must act quickly because Emmett is leaving the next day.


Bella worries about their connection, but Nik reassures her that they will still communicate every day since they are strong enough to survive. Nik warns Bella that if she misses the chance to further her career, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

Bella and Nik visit Salt to let Bella’s friends know that she will indeed be going to New York after all.

Emmett decides to focus on Mac when Bella is persuaded. He asks her if she’d want to go along as he is aware of how difficult her recent experiences have been.

Despite her temptation, Mac is aware that she must face her issues head-on.


Mac and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) decided to throw Bella a surprise departure party instead.

Bella’s embarrassing memories from her time in Summer Bay are related as the evening goes on, and Mac toasts.

In a private farewell on the balcony, Bella and Dean discuss the events that led to her arrival to the bay. Bella is incredibly appreciative of Dean and her brother Colby (Tim Franklin) for helping her.

Dean says how proud he is of her and knows Colby feels the same way.

Bella thanks everyone for teaching her the true meaning of a family in her final speech.

The following day, Bella and Emmett are said goodbye outside the surf club with Mac and Ziggy joining Nik. They take this chance to pose for a group shot. Dean is conspicuously missing (but that’s a whole other story).


Nik tells Bella she doesn’t have to say goodbye because it’s only for a few months as she bemoans having to leave him.

Bella waves good-bye as Emmett drives her out of Summer Bay after their farewell kiss.

Will Nik and Bella’s romance endure…?

Check out our in-depth Bella leaving story, which we released at the same time the Australian episode aired and looks back on her 3 12 years in Summer Bay.

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