Friday, January 5, 2024

Neighbours spoilers: Gun horror for Freya and Nic as they try to save David


In this week’s episode of Neighbours, things go horribly wrong, so there is no sign of the concern over David’s (Takaya Honda) safety abating.

When the family learns that he would be transferred away from the prisoners he is incarcerated with for his own safety, they are lured into a false feeling of optimism. But his issues won’t just disappear. The family is all feeling relieved till they get a disturbing photo of David that shows how much worse things have gotten for him.

Andrew proposes that he wear a wire to catch the shady prison guard in an effort to get him out of harm’s way as soon as possible. While David is afraid, he realises that if he wants to have any hope of surviving, he must take the risk. He agrees to the idea, but will he make it out alive?

David executes the plan, but as things get out of control, he ends up hurt and confined. When Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) learn that he is in danger, they realise that it is up to them to save him. They decide on Emma as their target and come up with a strategy to take her out. As Freya assaults her, Nicolette diverts her, but later on, things change and they find themselves facing a pistol. Will their strategy turn out disastrously?


On Monday, July 11, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.

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