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Home and Away spoilers: Rose tells her sister’s boyfriend Cash she has feelings for him?


Following a wild night out, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) recently found themselves awake next to one another in the back of Rose’s car, where they remained until dawn. After Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) glanced through the window and saw them together, she immediately anticipated the worst and the situation quickly deteriorated.

But once he clarifies the situation with Felicity, Cash starts making sure nobody tells Jasmine (Sam Frost). Why won’t they be open and honest about what transpired, Rose questions him about his choice. Nothing happened between them; they simply drank too much and passed out. Cash claims that Jasmine has enough on her plate. However, when Xander overhears the conversation, he is horrified to learn that Rose spent the night with her sister’s lover.

After Cash leaves, Xander (Luke Van Os) calls his sister and speculates that perhaps Cash wasn’t really sincere when he invited Rose out for a drink, which is why he’s keeping it a secret from Jasmine. Rose is astounded because she had not thought of that.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) invites Xander and Rose back for supper later in the day so that the family can continue to be close. Irene is astonished when Rose abruptly declines the offer. Cash is asked what that was all about, but he is unable to respond since he wants to keep the drama under control. Xander is aware of the problem, which is that Rose harbours feelings for Cash.


When Xander inquires as to how long she has felt this way, she replies that it all started when she first saw him. Always the optimist, Xander thinks that perhaps the sentiment is shared. Rose is adamant about trying to forget about the night with Cash, but Xander intervenes on his own initiative. He runs off, contacts Cash, and invites him to Salt. When Cash shows there, Rose is enraged, but will she use the opportunity to express her true feelings to Xander when he leaves them alone?

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