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Neighbours final week: 7 huge spoilers as the show ends forever


The very last Neighbours weekly spoilers roundup is about to appear on your screen, and the programme is going out in style.

There will be heartbreak, infidelity, reunions, and a wedding this week, along with many other eagerly anticipated appearances by long-lost friends and family. Are you prepared to begin bidding farewell? Go ahead.

As the drama comes to an end, there will first be a family on the verge of dissolution. It appears that Izzy (Natalie Basingthwaite), who is working tirelessly to harm the Kennedy family, has been successful when Susan (Jackie Woodburne) issues Mal (Benjamin McNair) with a disastrous ultimatum. But if Izzy crosses the line with Peter O’Brien’s Shane Ramsay, Susan might regain the upper hand.

This week has a number of eagerly awaited returnees, one of which being Joel (Daniel McPherson), who is returning for his old friend Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) wedding. Will the wedding go forward, though, with all the Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) turmoil going on?


Also back and stirring up trouble is Mike Young (Guy Pierce), who has his sights set once more on Jane (Annie Jones).

When Glen (Richard Huggett) has a difficult realisation regarding their future, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) will likely have another ending, but could there also be a fresh beginning for her and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)?

Speaking of Paul, he is one of many people leaving Ramsay Street in search of a better life abroad. Because of everything she stands to lose, Susan feels depressed. How will she handle it?

There will still be spoilers for the very last episode, which will air on Friday, July 29 at 9 p.m.


The last week of Neighbours will include the following events.

As Susan issues an ultimatum to Mal, the Kennedys are destroyed

Susan devises a cunning strategy to keep Izzy in her box because she has no intention of taking anything from the girl. Izzy learns what Susan has been planning and is more than a little bit arrogant when she tells Izzy that Susan has defeated her again again. When Susan reaches her breaking point, she does the only thing she can think of: she gives Mal the choice between his family and Izzy. But will it turn out the way she hopes?

Izzy defrauds Mal

Sadly, he chooses the latter, which backfires on Susan. Izzy has never been the obedient kind, though this may work in Susan’s favour. When Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien) arrives in town, he flashes his riches to catch her attention. Izzy is more than willing to go beyond the line, which Karl and Susan learn about. They prepare for Mal to find out the truth, but just as they anticipate Izzy’s next move, she catches them off guard. How will the Kennedys be affected by this?

Glen makes way for Paul

Poor old Glen has suffered greatly with Terese, but when he realises he can’t prevail over his brother, their narrative is about to come to an end. When their paths meet again, Terese and Paul are both preparing to depart Ramsay Street. They can tell that the cosmos is trying to communicate with them. Terese is left feeling upset by their interaction, and she vents her emotions on Glen. He finds it frustrating that she won’t remove her ex out of her life and is clearly unable to move on from the past. Glen makes a difficult choice as a result of this realisation. With all the passion during Toadie’s wedding, Terese and Paul realise they must face their unresolved emotions, which prompts even more revelations, so it would seem to be the proper decision. Could they decide to reconcile once more?


Robinsons departed from Ramsay Street

Paul and Terese will need to make a quick decision if they decide to try things out. Paul is getting ready to go to New York. David makes the decision to accompany him, and Nicolette follows suit not long after. When Chris and Annie arrive and there is a lovely family reunion, Lucy is overjoyed, and Leo then decides to follow along. The Robinsons were one of the first families to live in Ramsay Street, thus their choice to leave signifies the end of a significant era.

Will there be a surprise arrival for Toadie’s wedding?

Toadie and Mel are beginning to feel as though things are becoming serious as the wedding approaches. As the day approaches, they begin to realise that their prior conflicts haven’t been fully resolved, so Toadie resolves to make a significant effort to demonstrate his devotion to Mel. However, when old friend Joel returns to town and hears about his conflict with Amy, he decides to address it. On the wedding day, Callum, another well-known figure, arrives. Toadie is overjoyed to have his elder child present to witness his nuptials. He regrets that Amy isn’t present with him, though. Amy appears unexpectedly as the ceremony begins; is she come to sabotage his happily ever after?

With Mike Young’s reappearance, are Clive and Jane officially over?

Jane is indignant when she sees Byron returning the watch Clive left at Danielle’s place. After making an effort to explain and urging her to talk to Clive, Byron surprises her with yet another discovery. Jane is unimpressed, and Nicolette’s response causes her to repress ancient grudges. When things between them turn sour, Nicolette makes a significant choice: she’s moving to New York. In the meantime, Clive makes the decision that he must do everything in his power to get Jane back. But the plans are derailed when Mike Young, a well-known figure, shows up in town.

As her life as she has known it ends, Susan is devastated

Ramsay Street is coming to an end, and Susan finds herself thinking back on her time there. As many of their closest friends go for the new beginning they’re all seeking, she and Karl will be establishing their new normal. When Chloe receives a surprising visitor while she is selling number 24, she makes a significant life decision. Nicolette decides to concur with Paul, David, and Leo’s decision to start their new chapter in New York. Terese is preparing to depart as well, but her story with Paul has a twist that might change her plans. Susan is not happy about the fact that the homes are up for sale and that plans are already in motion for the significant renovations to occur. Karl and Susan are asked by Harold to take care of the history book, but Susan finds the concept of losing life as she knows it difficult to accept. How will she handle it?

How will we do that?

On Monday, July 25, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.


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