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Home and Away spoilers: Naomi saves Nikau’s life in shocking scenes?


Since Bella (Courtney Miller) made the difficult decision to travel to New York for three months without him in order to pursue her dream of being successful in the photography industry, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) has been struggling on his own. He finds it more difficult to live in a home with two happily married couples as the weeks pass and their long distance phone calls grow less regular.

He has remained inspired by his lifeguarding duties, and he recently intervened to save the sister of newbie Naomi (Jamaica Vaughan). The following day, Naomi took Nikau out for a thank-you lunch since she felt obligated to him and discovered they got along well. John (Shane Withington) is happy about the development and believes that Nikau will be too preoccupied right now to think about flying to New York to be with Bella.

Nikau steps on something sharp in the water while out doing another rescue, but he ignores it. John, however, recognises the young lifeguard has walked on a sea urchin as soon as he notices the wound on his foot. John insistence that they must immediately get to the hospital annoys Nikau.

When Nikau arrives, he is shocked to see Naomi there dressed as a nurse. She identifies herself as an agency nurse and starts examining Nikau’s injury. His condition gradually worsens, but her jokes and upbeat attitude make him feel better. She informs him he will require surgery but that she will be by his side the entire time when an X-Ray reveals there is still a piece of sea urchin spine lodged in his foot.


She gives him medication after the procedure, sits by his side all night, and passes out in her chair at three in the morning. A short while later, Nikau awakens her up with coffee, and they continue their talk without any difficulty. When John arrives to pick up Nikau, it’s obvious that their relationship has grown stronger.

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