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Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn relapses as she is discovered rooting through bin


After a brief absence to see Jett (Will McDonald) and Raffy (Emily Symons), Marilyn (Emily Symons) has recently returned to the Bay (Olivia Deeble). One morning, she brings Roo (Georgie Parker) her morning drink, only for Roo to tell her that she isn’t the one who drinks tea – her father is. She goes to get a cup of coffee. Marilyn becomes irritated, much to Roo’s surprise – and Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman’s), as she stands talking to Roo – and snaps that Roo should make the drink herself if she doesn’t like it.

As the day progresses, Roo grows increasingly surprised, as it becomes evident that the snarky remarks aren’t going away anytime soon. Then Roo notices Marilyn emerge from the Diner kitchen with two plates of food, which she promptly drops and watches smash to the ground. When Roo tries to assist, she is once again bitten in the head.

Later, when Roo walks towards the trailer park, she notices Marilyn rummaging through something in the distance. Marilyn is visibly disturbed as she approaches, muttering to herself and rummaging through the trailer park rubbish. Marilyn’s problems are considerably more serious than a poor mood, Roo realises right away.

She confronts Marilyn, saying that her recent behaviour isn’t typical of her – she’s dropped plates, misplaced orders, was rude to everyone, and now she’s going through the trash? Is this a postponed recurrence of the gas attack? Marilyn, on the other hand, is enraged and lashes out, claiming that Roo is simply transferring her guilt over Martha (Belinda Giblin).


Roo, irritated by the remark but determined to help her friend, suggests they go see Logan (Harley Bonner) for a quick check-up. The doctor is happy to assist, but Marilyn is still acting strangely, and her reaction to the impromptu appointment has both Roo and Logan worried…

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