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Home and Away Spoilers – who Is for horror car crash?


On this week’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, the Delaney siblings team up to save the victims of a horrific car accident, while Mac receives an offer she can’t refuse…

After learning the presence of Jasmine (Sam Frost), the sister they’d never known about, Xander (Luke Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) had decided to come to Summer Bay permanently.

When Jasmine was six years old, her father, Alexander, abandoned her to be raised by foster parents, a year after her mother died in a car accident. He met Rose’s mother when she was still pregnant with her and raised her as his own child. Xander eventually joined them, and the family was happy until Alexander died in an accident a few weeks ago.

Rose and Xander arrived to Summer Bay to see Jasmine after she was named in her father’s will, and though she originally turned them away, she soon warmed around to the notion of having some family around.


Following a volleyball match that Xander set up between the two last week, Rose and Jasmine worked out their differences, and when Xander told Rose that he was still considering transferring to the area in his job as a paramedic, Rose told him that she had already applied for a transfer to Yabbie Creek.

The siblings appear to be here to stay!

Despite Jasmine’s initial concerns that the two would find small town life dull in comparison to the city’s dramas, the three are thrown together on a significant occurrence this week.

While travelling along, Jasmine and Xander come witness a horrific vehicle accident. The two are taken aback when they discover that one of the automobiles is driven by none other than Logan (Harley Bonner)!


Logan is in shock, despite the fact that he appears to be unharmed. While Jasmine looks after him, Xander goes to check on Millie, the driver of the other car (Zara Zoe).

Millie is drenched in blood and anxiously shouting out for her buddy Jo, who is nowhere to be seen in the car. When Xander goes looking for her, however, he comes across an unwelcome find.

As Millie’s condition worsens, Jasmine and Xander are compelled to perform an emergency decompression treatment, just as cops Rose and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) arrive.

“Xander is prepared for the crash,” Luke said in an interview with TV Week. “This is his job; he’s got years of training and experience in such situations.” He takes action right away.”


As the patients are taken to the hospital, Xander can’t help but stick close to Millie, wanting to tell her the truth about what he’s discovered.

Millie and Logan have no recollection of the event, but when Cash later discloses that it was the result of human error, Logan might be in serious trouble…

Is Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) ready to get in over her head with Salt’s illegal poker nights elsewhere in Summer Bay?

Started as a one-off at the proposal of employee Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) to raise some much-needed funds as Salt faced ruin, the team is now on their third evening, with a new face.

When one of the players, Nathan (Ryan Panizza), showed up at Salt last week and asked for another poker night to make up for the money he’d lost, Mac told him there weren’t any more planned. All of that changed when Nathan subsequently arrived up brutally beaten, claiming to owing money to various persons.

John (Shane Withington) was irritated when Mac gave him the money she had set aside for the rent, and when Flick found out what she had done, she doubted Mac would see the money again.


Mac agreed to the third poker night since he had no other option, but was startled when Nathan later showed up with the money and a whole lot more as a thank you.

As a result, Nathan introduced Mac to a friend of his, PK (Ryan Johnson), who wanted to purchase a table for the evening.

Mac stated that they had a large waiting list for tables and that they thoroughly investigated all potential players, but she quickly changed her mind once PK told her to select her own pricing.

Emily told TV Week, “Mac notices PK is someone of position, power, and importance.” “She doesn’t warm up to him at first and thinks him arrogant, yet intriguing.”

Flick was taken aback when Mac told her that one of the intended players had to be booted out to make room for PK; that’s not how they should treat their players. But money was all that mattered to Mac at this moment…

PK’s evening proves to be very profitable as the money pours in, and as Mac basks in the glow of the evening’s enormous success, PK approaches her with a business pitch.

PK wants a private evening with only one table and ten players… There’s also a $5000 buy-in.

Flick’s alarm bells go up, but the allure of maybe paying Salt’s obligations in one fell stroke may be too much for Mac…

Is it safe to trust PK?

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