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Home and Away spoiler: Theo’s bandmates react to his break


Kirby approaches Justin and Theo when they are on the beach, but Theo is unable to flee quickly enough. It occurs to Justin that he feels bad about leaving the band.

Inquiring about what would happen if Lyrik took an additional three months off, Justin seeks an urgent appointment with Remi. Remi soon comforts Theo, telling him to go take a break because the only musos remaining are the ones who have taken care of themselves.

Theo reluctantly concurs and informs Kirby of his choice that day. Theo’s bandmates assure him that they are all behind him.

Bree follows up with Remi in the interim to let him know that she doesn’t mind that he’s seeing Stevie. Remi is relieved that Stevie is cool with it despite feeling horrible about having seen her message.


Bree wants to emphasize how okay she is with her ex moving on once more when she unpacks it with Kirby later. Kirby, however, comes to a different conclusion, saying that the very fact that they are speaking at all demonstrates the contrary. Kirby thinks that Bree must go past Remi and attempt new things in order to move on.

In another article, Roo announces some wonderful news: motivated by baby Poppy and her mother Sonia, she has made the decision to pursue her dream of being an emergency foster caregiver. All she wants is Alf’s approval to welcome needy kids into their house.

But Alf is evasive; he initially uses Marilyn as an excuse, but he soon comes clean and expresses his own emotions. Devastated, Roo hears Alf voice his worries in a private phone conversation, referring to the entire endeavor as one of Roo’s “little projects”.

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