Friday, March 31, 2023

Toni Pearen Wants to comeback to Summer Bay This season

EXCLUSIVE: I’m Toni Pearen’s A Celeb shares the shock she wants her character from Home And Away to return.

Beth Armstrong, the school teacher of Toni Pearen, has been recognisable in Home And Away for 27 years.

But after moving on to I’m A Celebrity, Toni can imagine returning to the Bay as Beth.

Toni, 48 years old, explains, “His Tug student affair has been barred (Tristan Bancks).

But wouldn’t it be sweet to see her come back, and she’s got a crooked past, and she’s gone to Summer Bay to redeem herself… with the baby Tug? There’s a plot twist now! ”

Toni with co-stars Melissa George and Kate Ritchie at Summer Bay.

Rarely has the actress and presenter been seen on TV since the birth of her first child, Lucky, in 2009.

She tells TV WEEK that she struggled to deal with the paparazzi like a new mum.

A lot of us want to be better mothers, all of us want to look like we know what we’re doing, and I knew that I didn’t do it.

I struggled as a mum and then struggled to learn that they were going to publish my struggles. It was a rough time, and I thought to myself, ‘This isn’t the world I want for my kids.’

Toni was a sexy fan of I’m A Celeb.

With Toni concentrating on son Lucky and daughter Ever, who was born in 2012, Toni and husband Will Osmond moved to Sydney’s northern beaches, where they began “a new life”.

“She admits she was ‘panicked’ by my popularity, but now she’s feeling ‘all prepared’ for her regular role on TV.”

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