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Home and Away Spoilers – Logan battles to save Tane’s life


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, PK threatens Jai, Logan fights to save Tane’s life, and a body is discovered on the beach.

After getting stabbed during a heist at Salt, Tane Parata’s (Ethan Browne) life is in jeopardy. Mackenzie (Emily Weir), Dean (Patrick O’Connor), and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) must act quickly if he is to have any hope of surviving!

Poker player PK (Ryan Johnson), who had tricked Mac into believing that she owed him $100,000, was upset when she declined his offer to sleep with her in order to pay off her fictitious debt. As a sweetener, she paid him the evening’s winnings of $50,000, but she later discovered from Dean that this was all a ruse to get her into bed.

With her sights set on retaliation, Mac made the risky decision to offer to PK another poker session with the intention of pocketing the entire pot. However, PK’s ego had already been wounded at this point, so he declined, telling her that he was now in charge and dropping hints that he may seize control of her establishment.


Mac and Dean were confronted by two men in Salt who robbed them at knifepoint after Mac disregarded Nathan’s (Ryan Panizza) caution against crossing PK.

The two men were stopped by Tane and Felicity’s arrival, but not before a fight in which one of the men stabbed Tane.

The following week, as Tane continues to lose blood, Flick begs Dean and Tane to call an ambulance, but they both argue that they can’t since doing so would notify the authorities, who may then find out about the illegal poker nights.

Tane can only have one alternative course of action, according to Dean, and Mac was equally terrified of it. Logan, her lover, must be called (Harley Bonner).


Despite Mac’s recent admission to Logan that the company is having financial difficulties, he is blissfully ignorant of the risks she has been taking to pay off debt.

When Logan shows up, he immediately starts treating Tane and inquires as to the estimated wait time for the ambulance. He is shocked to learn that none is on the way.

An ambulance is not an option, so Mac begs him to have faith in her and promises to explain everything later.

Logan is aware that surgery is the only thing that can currently save Tane as he continues to lose blood and slips into shock. It’s reasonable to say, though, that a carving knife and cocktail strainer from the bar won’t do.


Dean is able to get into the hospital’s supply closet and retrieve the items Logan needs by enlisting Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) for a little deceit.

The time has come for Mac to finally tell Logan the truth about the poker nights while they wait for Dean to return.

Tane is moved back to the Parata residence for recuperation while Logan concentrates on finishing the operation. Things appear to be going well when Logan stays up all night to keep an eye on Tane, but then Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) sees that Tane’s hand is extremely chilly.

Logan rapidly realises that he has lost too much blood and that the surgery might have been in vain unless he finds a speedy fix while Tane starts to drift in and out of consciousness.

Nik helps Logan arrange a transfusion because, fortunately, Logan has the universal blood group O-negative, which may be utilised in all patients.

Will Logan’s daring action be sufficient to save Tane?


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