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Home and Away spoilers: Levi tells Imogen the truth about his secret affair


After lying for several weeks, Doctor Levi’s affair with Mac has finally come to light in the movie Home and Away. He has been frantically juggling the ladies in his life.

Levi had to do the right thing and tell his wife Imogen about their affair first since he knows she won’t be the only one to find out soon. It won’t be simple though.

Tristan Gorey, 28, who plays Levi, tells TV WEEK that his character is “well aware he has been living in a fantasy land with Mac [Emily Weir] in Summer Bay.” However, Levi is aware that all wonderful things must come to an end and that he must cope with the fallout from his choices. Eventually, the truth always surfaces.

This is different, says Doctor Levi (Tristan Gorey), because his marriage to Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) was practically ended when he came to Summer Bay. And he’s discovered someone he could fall in love with once more in Mac.


However, he is aware that what he has done may permanently alienate Eden (Stephanie Panozzo): how could her brother have committed the same crime as their father, which destroyed their family when they were little?

Upon meeting Imogen (Georgia Blizzard), Levi quickly discovers that she feels uneasy, but she believes it’s just a resentment stemming from their previous disagreement over having children.

No, he admits; their time together is coming to an end since he has been having an affair. According to Tristan, it’s an agonising moment that breaks them both.

“Although Levi has wounded her heart, he has also wounded his own, since this is precisely how his own father destroyed the family,” he adds.


The one silver lining in all of this is that he can now freely investigate his feelings for Mac and determine whether or not this is the love he has always desired.

“Now that the truth is out, Levi holds Mac close,” he states. “However, time will tell how genuine their love is.”

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