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Home and Away spoilers: Shock split, Leah return and Tane’s heartbreaking baby blow


This week on Home and Away, there is a lot of drama going on.

Mackenzie makes plans to spend time with Levi and chooses to take the afternoon off. Eden, however, confides in him her ongoing trust concerns following their father’s affair when he eventually catches up with her.

The next time Eden makes fun of their father, Levi can’t resist snapping at her since he has his own affair on the back of his mind. Mackenzie gives him a kiss when he confides in her about his sister’s closed heart. However, as they separate, they see Alf walking by and become afraid that he has discovered their romance.

Mackenzie follows Alf around. But Alf is thinking about the item from Coastal News. When she tells Levi the good news, he’s still taken aback. In this town, they are never able to unwind for long.


Mackenzie advises that they leave and find a place where they can be authentic. He can’t turn down this offer, and after his little peace conversation with Eden, they’re heading off right away.

In another scene on the soap opera, actress Stevie is visibly distressed as a new guard shows in for his shift. She begs Cash to stay, and even when he does set limits, she phones to tell him that she’s already getting bored with the new guard, Paul.

He discovers a string of voicemails from Stevie the following morning: Paul has been poisoned, she worries, and she’s there by herself. Although the terrible kebab turns out to be the culprit and he rushes to her side, Stevie’s fear of her stalker is evident.

Cash receives a call from Eden and breaks the awful news to his girlfriend, Stevie, that he must stay with her after her night out. When Cash shows up carrying a cart full of goods rather than food, Stevie is shocked. They laugh about how many leftovers she will have, and Cash leaves, feeling relieved of her responsibilities.


But when he gets home, Eden is emotional. She feels deceived that he left her to look after a famous person while he was having a rough day. Although Cash acknowledges there are some learning curves in his new role, he vows to make sure she always feels like his top priority.

Felicity questions Cash, who is working as Stevie Marlow’s bodyguard, as he gets in from his shift. They quickly get popcorn and are watching Stevie’s movie “Death Throes” together.

Cash claims to be bored, but he ends himself becoming sucked into the story. He abruptly stops the film because he notices some graffiti on the screen. In front of him are the unsettling, dripping numbers “2346”. He recognised the numbers from the police papers that Stevie had shown him.

This week also sees the release of the harsh piece about baby Maia written by the journalist who conned Dana into talking to them on Home and Away. The report describes Tane as having a “obsession” with the kid and, even worse, calls Rose inept.


Tane is in the limelight, and people are wondering why he stayed at the baby’s side. Assuming Tane is still in the hospital, the same journalist comes back and gains the upper hand on Mali.

As expected, he arrives to see Tane tending to the infant. When Rose interrupts them, their tensions rise and they fight. Roo affirms that the reporter will receive criticism from the Coastal News. They look over a table filled with baby-related donations.

Roo finds a bracelet with the name “Poppy” etched on it. They show it to Rose, who acknowledges it as proof of the baby’s true name but isn’t as certain as Roo that it comes from the mother of the child.

Tane strongly disagrees, but Harper is certain that it was probably the mother’s way of letting her know she’s still had her. The mother would come if she was concerned.

When Felicity asks Mali for an update on Tane, he withholds information. After seeing the Coastal News piece, she decides to see how he’s doing.

Felicty discovers Dana in the middle of apologising to Tane for giving the journalist a hard time when she arrives at the hospital. However, Tane sends her packing in tears after refusing to accept the apologies.


Rose receives a call from Sarge in the interim, giving her a challenging assignment. As expected, the journalist files a complaint, forcing Rose to issue fresh directives stating that nobody would be allowed to be around the infant going forward save social workers and health professionals.

Rose, who is annoyed by this, makes it plain to Tane that he must depart on his own initiative or she would have to give him an AVO. When Tane comes to the gym, he is furious and doesn’t accept Dana’s repeated attempts at apology.

She is to blame for his being driven out, leaving the infant alone. Dana’s suffering was unbearable. Dana is furious because Tane ended up in hot water as a result of her behaviour.

Bree and Remi are going to experience heartbreak this week. Thankful that Remi gave up his bike, Bree shows him so much attention. She had scheduled a physiotherapy session, blissfully oblivious to the fact that Remi actually enlisted Justin’s help to store his bike.

Bree’s ears perk up when they run into Justin in the Diner when he mentions the bike, but she ignores the nagging suspicion that something is off. Remi doubles in on his deception to hide his insincerity.

He gently begs Eden for permission to silence Justin, but she pushes him to tell the truth. Reluctantly, he concedes that Bree is entitled to the truth. At last, Remi tells Bree the truth: he never intended to sell the bike and lied about it.

Bree’s eyes are red. After they promised to be truthful with one another, Remi actually looked her in the eye and lied to her about his motorcycle. He asks Bree to show him how to fix it after attempting but failing to do so.

For Bree, though, the solution is clear. Getting rid of the bike is the first step. Remi, though, is hesitant. It is in his nature to ride. Bree’s patience really wanes because of this. She’s fed up with him giving her the information he feels she should hear, and she knows that he had to pick between her and the bike. He also didn’t pick her. It’s finished.

In Summer Bay, Justin is also anxious about Leah’s impending return because he is all too familiar with the condition she was in her previous visit from the clinic. When she returns sooner than anticipated, Justin has to admit that he fears history may repeat itself.

She assures him that she has all the clarity she requires, understanding. She also has her engagement ring on, which she will never take off.

Later, over breakfast, Valerie and Theo start to flirt, but she rejects the attention from the public because she thinks Justin and Leah might find out.

Leah, speaking of which, requests that the lads go surfing so that she can spend time with Valerie. She tells her companion the truth after they leave, saying that the clinic has been inquiring about her. Her counsellor is now concerned about her because she neglected to inform Leah that she had dismissed herself.

Valerie objects, but Leah feels obliged to thank her for all of her help. Valerie maintains that she feels much safer here than she did at the clinic. She says she would still check in with her counsellor, but later becomes distraught and tells Theo to get more medication.

Valerie is upset that Theo is refusing to give her medication, but he persists. In a state of desperation, she searches through his backpack and guitar case before disclosing in great detail her trauma and her parents’ guilt for her brother’s murder.

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