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Real-life Home and Away couple get divorced after 5 years of marriage


After five years of marriage, Sarah Roberts and James Stewart, stars of Home and Away, got divorced.

The Australian soap opera star, who portrayed Willow Harris, revealed lately that she and her former co-star Justin Morgan have been estranged.

Sarah told Stellar magazine, “I just want to say that I am divorced,” as the Daily Mail reported.

“It’s okay when people grow apart,” she continued. I eventually came to the realisation that I couldn’t develop in this specific relationship the way I wanted to.


After beginning dating in 2017, Sarah, 39, and James, 48, got married in a small ceremony in Dublin last year.

The soap opera actress has struggled since her brother’s death in October 2019 from brain cancer.

She paid a moving homage to her sibling on Instagram by posting pictures from her wedding day.

“He escorted me down the aisle three months ago today, and he is now walking with the angels,” she wrote.


“I have 34 years of wonderful memories of growing up together as children and adults, but I also have a hole in my heart.”

“I pledge to always live up to your standards; to remember what you taught me, “it’s all about the trip, not the destination” & “have no regrets.” You fought THE BRAVEST struggle, Big Squirt, all the way to the very end.

“I salute, love, and cherish you.” You can now go to sleep since we know you are dancing in the sky and keeping a constant eye on us. All of my love, Medium Squirt x @karldeabrew, forever.

Before announcing her departure from the serial opera in 2021 to focus on “more exciting projects and different characters,” Sarah played Willow Harris in the 2017 season of Home and Away.


James continues to play Justin Morgan in the enduring series.

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