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Home and Away Spoilers – Danger for Cash and Stevie in stalker storyline


The following week on Home and Away, Cash and Stevie are in danger as Cash starts looking for the stalker after receiving an enigmatic present from a fan.

As a result of a stalker who has been making Stevie Marlow’s (Catherine Văn-Davies) life unbearable, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) was able to secure a new position last week as her bodyguard.

Following his placement on limited duties by superiors for his role in harbouring Dana Matheson (Ally Harris), Cash resigned from his position as a senior policeman earlier this year.

Cash started working for a private security company after deciding he was sick of the bureaucracy and red tape of the police department. However, he soon realised that nightly mall patrols weren’t the thrilling new job he had been expecting for.


Fortunately, a fresh chance soon presented itself, and he found himself facing the well-known actress as he made his way to a big yacht for an interview with an unidentified new customer.

Stevie disclosed that she had been subjected to months of harassment by an intruder who even broke into her home to snap pictures of her as she slept.

She was remaining aboard the yacht in order to avoid being discovered, but Cash maintained that it was still too visible a position. As a result, she is currently hiding in an opulent apartment and won’t be allowed to leave until Cash solves the mystery.

But Cash has no idea where to start because there is little to no information available.


Although Cash remained unperturbed by his new position and was unaware of Stevie’s identity, his friends Harper (Jessica Redmayne), sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), and girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) are all overjoyed that he will be working with such a well-known person.

As Cash could only bring up a “fine” in response to a question about how his most recent shift went, Flick said, “Only you could spend hours with a celebrity and act like it’s the most boring job in the world.”

In order to get to know his client’s body of work, Cash gave in to Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) requests in tonight’s Australian episode and they watched Stevie’s most well-known movie, Death Throes.

Cash was hesitant at first and winced at the corny opening of the movie, but he quickly warmed up to the production and soon found himself waiting anxiously for the next big jump fright.


When Cash discovered a crucial clue, the sibling movie night proved to be beneficial after all. We spotted the digits 2346 on the screen—a combination that Cash was positive he had seen before—after asking Flick to pause the film.

The identical number was scribbled on the back of one of the pictures that Stevie’s stalker had taken, as was confirmed by looking through the case files.

Felicity confirmed that the numbers in the movie correspond to the times when the killings occurred when he asked her to remind him of their significance.

He asks, “So it’s time of death?” and Flick nods in agreement.

Has Cash finally found the key to apprehending Stevie’s stalker?

As the stalker prepares to make their next move, a new teaser suggests that he will soon receive a second clue.


The teaser, which aired following Thursday’s show, depicts Stevie getting an adorable teddy bear in the mail the following week as an apparently innocent gift. When it’s put outside Stevie’s apartment door, Cash worries that someone has discovered where she’s hiding.

To make sure that they sent and that no one had found out where they were hiding, Cash convinces Stevie to call her agency.

Fortunately, the agent acknowledges that they sent it on; nevertheless, even though they received it from a fan, they are unsure of who sent it.

Stevie remarks, “Creepy, but not dangerous, right?” as Cash cracks open the package to show off the adorable bear.

But Cash tells her that they can’t be too cautious, and he begins to carefully unstitch the bear to see if anything is within.

He screams, “That’s a camera,” as he looks inside and finds a contraption with wires buried.

The two quickly learn that Stevie’s stalker has already succeeded in taking a picture with the hidden camera and sending it back to him.

Upon accessing Instagram (or its resemblance, Summer Bay), Stevie discovers she’s been featured in a picture where she and Cash are both gazing at the bear.

“Take a look,” Stevie says, passing her phone to her. “It was posted on social media by someone.”

The image was uploaded by “steviemarlowfan2346,” and the caption reads, “Eyes on Stevie and her boyfriend.”

Will Cash become a target too because the stalker thinks he’s Stevie’s boyfriend?

It appears that Cash follows the path and finds the stalker. He sprints at full speed towards the swiftly closing shutters of an industrial building near the end of the promo.

Has he been able to locate the elusive stalker?

We already know that there will be more drama since when Stevie finally goes to the bay, it looks like she gets shot.

Fan Ingrid Rose Foster captured some footage during filming earlier this year, showing Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) sprinting towards Catherine Văn-Davies (Stevie). A director then yells, “Bang!” to get the extras and actors to respond to the sound of a gun going off.

Astonished, the extras watch as Stevie falls into Cash’s arms and writhes on the ground.

As the extra beachgoers run off in search of assistance, Nicholas Cartwright can be heard screaming, “She’s been shot, somebody call an ambulance,” in the video.

Spoilers and gossip about Ingrid Rose Foster from Home and Away

Photos from a later time then surfaced, purporting to prove that the new character passes away soon after arriving in Summer Bay. They showed the filming of a wake and included a cardboard sign with the words “RIP Stevie.”

At least Roo (Georgie Parker), Alf (Ray Meagher), John (Shane Withington), and Justin (James Stewart) attend Stevie’s wake, indicating that the actress would have a positive effect on the people of Summer Bay during her brief stay.

Fans on social media are questioning whether Cash staged the dramatic scenario to attract her stalker, even though the scenes seem to prove Stevie’s murder.

Does Stevie actually pass away? All we can do is wait and see.

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