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Home and Away favourites Leah and Justin are married!


Leah Patterson, a fan of Home and Away, has had a difficult journey to marriage. She has been patient with her true love, Justin Morgan, but now their wedding day has come, and this time, it will last forever!

Actress Ada Nicodemou, 46, who has played Leah for 24 years, says, “She loves this man.” After everything they’ve been through, she can’t believe how lucky she is to be there and to be getting married to him.

“What a wonderful man he is, how patient he has been with her, and how they have stuck together through a lot together… It’s wonderful to witness their happiness and celebrate their love since they genuinely care about and support one another.

Leah will be escorted to the wedding by none other than Summer Bay mainstay Alf Stewart, portrayed by 79-year-old Ray Meagher. On the unexpected day, Preston Palmer, 65 (Shane Withington), will get over his nervousness and take on the role of celebrant.


For once, Leah is content to simply let go and enjoy the ride thanks to her groom Justin, who is portrayed by the handsome James Stewart, 48.

Ada chuckles, “I don’t know if you realise this, but Leah is a little bit of a control freak.” “But she made the decision to hand over whole power to Justin before the wedding, so she doesn’t know anything about it. She is aware of what she is wearing, but she is clueless about the location, the guests, or the menu.

When Leah finds out early in the day that some of her dearest friends and relatives might not be able to make it, it causes her some anxiety. But she quickly sheds happy tears upon seeing what awaits her at the secret spot.

Ada explains, “Alf brings her to the wedding, Justin serenades her with a lovely song, and there are unexpected guests.” “This is a happy day.”


That is, on film. Ada continues, “The two days we spent filming in the Hunter Valley, which is located just north of Sydney, were some of the hottest and most fly-filled days I’ve ever experienced.”

Ada exclaims, “It was filmed at this gorgeous winery, and every shot is magical.” “My wedding gown was ideal—simple, sophisticated, and stunning. But the issue is that it becomes a little unpleasant to wear anything corseted in the heat for 16 hours a day, two days in a row! Even though the garment is stunning, I was relieved when the second day came to an end.

Leah, meanwhile, grins as she imagines a long and fulfilling future with Justin.

Ada says, “This is it for her.” She was adamant for a long time that she would never get married again. Even though she adores Justin, she didn’t think that was necessary. But it feels natural, especially for Leah, who hasn’t had much luck getting married before, after the terrible year they’ve had.


“I informed the writers that I wanted it to be good when the idea of marriage was brought up. I hope that nothing terrible occurs. All we need to see is a gorgeous Home and Away wedding that is filled with pleasure and love. Indeed, it is!

In 2000, Leah came to Summer Bay as a bride on the run. Ryan Kwanten’s character, Vinnie, was her first husband. Their son Vinnie Jr., or VJ, was born shortly after.

In 2005, Leah got married again following Vinnie’s passing. Dan (played by Tim Campbell) was her husband. Regretfully, Dan passed away in an accident when abseiling later.

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