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Home and Away spoilers: Has Logan chosen Neve after checking into a motel with her?


After Logan’s (Harley Bonner) ex Neve (Sophie Bloom) showed up in the Bay with severe PTSD symptoms, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) welcomed her to live with them in the Pier Apartment in Home and Away.

After a few bumps in the road, the two women have reached an understanding, and Neve is relieved that Mack isn’t going to tell law authorities about her secret of deserting the military.

Neve discovers Bella (Courtney Miller) shooting photos when Logan and Neve are walking down the beach and becomes worried that she is in them, grabbing Bella and freaking her out – then striking Logan when he attempts to intervene. Bella warns Mackenzie that Neve is volatile and that she should be cautious around her.

Mackenzie expresses her concern to Logan regarding Neve’s presence in the flat — is she dangerous?


Neve overhears and storms away, while Logan informs her that he can’t abandon Neve at this time. Mack overhears Logan getting out of bed to check on Neve later that night and can’t help but wonder why her lover is so fascinated with his ex.

Mack discovers the next day that Logan took the day off to spend it with Neve, even taking her on a jet ski ride, something he has never done with her before.

Despite Logan’s assurances that he is focusing on Neve’s PTSD, Mackenie feels imprisoned — she can no longer tolerate Neve’s intrusion into their lives.

When Mackenzie’s patience runs out, she gives Logan an ultimatum: it’s either her or Neve.


Mackenzie returns home later and shouts out for Logan, but he is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Neve enters a motel room, trailed by Logan. In that room, there is only one bed. Is Logan set on Neve?

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