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Home and Away spoilers: Romance for Theo and Kirby as Chloe disappears?


Theo (Matt Evans) is thrilled to learn that he has joined Lyrik as the band’s new lead singer, but he is shocked and disappointed to learn that Chloe (Sam Barratt) isn’t around to share the joy with him.

Despite the fact that Chloe was sent to New Zealand by Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) for her own protection, Theo believes Chloe is currently preoccupied with a sudden family situation and doesn’t have time for him.

He is watching out for his girlfriend the night of his debut performance, but she is nowhere to be found. Will he arrive in time or will Chloe’s absence be enough to prevent him from performing in front of the audience makes the rest of the band anxious as they wait for him to take the stage.

Making matters worse, Justin (James Stewart) tells Theo the hard fact that juggling the band with his mechanic apprenticeship could be too much for him. After sharing that she had to pick between music and medicine, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) offers Theo some advice: give music a serious try before giving up on it.


When Chloe eventually calls, Theo and Kirby are getting ready for band practise. The next thing she tells Theo is that their relationship is finished, which surprises Theo. Kirby asks if he wants some space as he is left in shock. She proposes that Theo use his music as a way to cope with his anguish, but he asks if she can stay.

Together, they start crafting a new song, and as Theo smoothly harmonises with Kirby, it is obvious that he is doing what he was meant to do. After their session is through, it’s obvious there is chemistry between the two. Is a fresh relationship approaching?

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