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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane banned from visiting baby Maia


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree breaks up with Remi because he won’t give up his bike, and Tane’s rage gets him barred from seeing baby Maia.

Next week, as a result of his preoccupation with infant Maia, local paper The Coastal News targets Tane (Ethan Browne), putting him in an awkward spotlight.

Since discovering the baby on the beach, Tane has hardly left her side. He was heartbroken to discover last week that, as a non-permanent resident of Australia, he would not be eligible to apply to be an emergency foster carer.

Alf (Ray Meagher) directed reporter Peter Rolfe (Roman Delo), who was sniffing about the surf club looking for rumours regarding the baby’s enquiry.


Though Dana (Ally Harris) wasn’t nearly as astute, Peter invited her out for coffee after finding out that she worked as a nurse at Northern Districts Hospital, where the infant was being cared for.

Dana didn’t find out the man who had asked her out for a drink was a reporter until after she had unintentionally divulged that Tane had stayed at the hospital and had even given the baby a name. By then, though, it was too late.

The next week, Tane doesn’t fare well in Peter’s story, which has been posted on the Coastal News website, according to Roo (Georgie Parker).

It discusses his infatuation with the child as well as the reality that his two deceased siblings were armed robbers.


They criticise Rose (Kirsty Marillier), the lead investigator, calling her incompetent.

Although it’s clear from the comments section that many were already turning against Tane, Alf claims it’s just character assassination.

Tane’s photo appears on the front of the print edition the following morning, along with information on his employment at Summer Bay Fit.

Later, Tane is shown the story by Harper (Jessica Redmayne), who tells him that the baby’s name has been released and that they are investigating his reason for visiting the hospital.


Although it’s obviously too late to take back the story, Roo and Rose have already met with the paper’s editor, who concurs that Peter ought to have given Tane the opportunity to respond. As a result, Peter will face consequences.

Subsequently, Peter musters the courage to visit Maia in the hospital, enter her ward, take Tane’s phone, and ask him directly about his relationship to the child—even questioning if he is the father.

Peter is physically pushed out of the room by an irate Tane, but Peter fights back, insisting he has a right to be there.

Rose comes just in time to break up the two of them, but before she can threaten to send Peter on his way with an AVO, Peter asks about Tane, the man who “assaulted” him.

As expected, after receiving an AVO, Peter files an official complaint, questioning Rose’s supervisor as to why Tane hasn’t also been asked to refrain from touching the infant.

Sarge acknowledges that it’s a valid question and gives Rose the directive to make sure that from now on, baby Maia can only be around health and social workers.


Tane is made to understand by Rose that he must leave the hospital on his own initiative and not come back, or else he too would receive an AVO!

When Tane is taken away from the infant he has been so attached to, how will he respond?

In another scene in Summer Bay, Bree (Juliet Godwin) fulfils her threat after learning that Remi (Adam Rowland) has been deceiving her.

Bree had been helping Remi recover from his motorcycle accident, so she was shocked last week when Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Justin (James Stewart) gave Remi the fully fixed bike.

Bree reminded Remi that she and other medical professionals basically view motorcycle riders as organ donors and that he was crazy to even consider going back on the bike.

Remi emphasised that he had only ever fallen off a bike once and that it wasn’t even his fault, but Bree insisted that their relationship would end if he ever rode the bike again.

Remi promised Bree that even though he loved the bike, he loved her more and would return it to its owner, Mercedes (Amali Golden), after giving it some thought. In the hopes that Bree would change her mind after cooling off, Remi instead asked Justin if he could keep the bike in his garage for the time being.

Remi will begin his physical rehabilitation next week, and Bree has scheduled a meeting at Summer Bay Fit with physiotherapist Grant (Kyle Barrett).

When they get to the surf club, Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) are happy to see Remi around. Justin assures Remi that he’ll be riding a bike again soon.

Bree asks what he meant, but Remi explains that he hadn’t notified Justin about selling the bike yet since he wasn’t sure how to do it after all the labor-intensive work he’d put into restoring it.

Remi is having a difficult time during the physiotherapy session, so when Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) shows in, he asks her for a favour while Grant and Bree are outside. Could she locate Justin and advise him to keep the bike out of Bree’s sight?

Eden chastises Remi for lying to Bree once more as he explains the circumstances and orders him to handle the grubby labour on his own.

After realising that Eden is correct, Remi sits down with Bree and admits that he never intended to part with the motorcycle.

Remi wonders what he can do to make up to Bree, who is furious and feels her feelings are unimportant. Bree thinks she made it clear what she wanted—get rid of the bike.

Bree runs off, but when they later cross paths again, Remi tells Bree that he would never expect her to give up surfing and that riding is a part of who he is.

Bree says they don’t have the ability to fix things, which answers his question. She informs Remi that he has made up his mind and that it was either her or the bike. That means they’re done!

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