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Home and Away’s Kirby catches out Theo over drugs


Next week, Kirby Aramoana from Home and Away worries about her bandmate Theo Poulos from Lyrik after discovering that he is high.

When Kirby recognises that Valerie Beaumont, a recent arrival to Summer Bay, would be a negative influence on Theo, the former couple split up.

Valerie admits to Theo in future scenes on Channel 5 that she takes party drugs to help her forget about her late brother and to cope with her guilt.

In order for Theo to experience it for himself, Valerie provides him a pill. To ensure that Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson are unaware of what is happening, she advises him to remain in his bedroom at home.


Theo and Valerie succumb to temptation and share a bed during their alone time.

Kirby worries that Theo is becoming sidetracked from his Lyrik obligations in the meanwhile, particularly with Valerie present.

Kirby leads the way in approaching Theo because the other band members have their own problems to attend to.

Kirby begs to speak with Theo, who is still acting strangely from the drugs. Kirby is first perplexed by his strange behaviour, but he soon recognises that he is high and that Valerie must have given him the pill.


Theo interrupts Kirby, refusing to hear her opinion, and turns to go.

Theo asks Valerie outright later in the week when she may get additional tablets.

Valerie grows angry with Theo, reminding him that this is no game and that he should proceed with caution.

Theo offers to pay for the pills with money from a recent gig at Salt and says he can handle it. Is a terrible habit about to begin?


These scenes from Home and Away will show on Monday, April 8, and Tuesday, April 9.

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