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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity arrested as Dean tracks down Nathan


Dean and the River Boys search down Nathan this week on Home and Away in Australia, while Felicity is arrested for her role in Salt’s poker nights.

The finding of a body on the beach made headlines last week in Summer Bay. While the grisly discovery was disturbing for the entire community, it was especially so for Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), and Mackenzie (Emily Weir), because the body was that of PK (Ryan Johnson), the man whose private poker night has made Mac’s life hell in recent weeks.

PK persuaded Mac to throw a one-time private event at Salt, with a $5,000 buy-in for each of the invited players. Given Mac’s financial difficulties, she couldn’t say no — the one night’s revenue would have been enough to put her restaurant back in the black.

Unfortunately, PK was attempting to manipulate her. He got Flick out of the way by informing Mac that the players didn’t want a cop’s sister there, and he also dispatched Nathan (Ryan Panizza) to the Parata residence with one of his heavies to make sure Flick couldn’t travel to Salt anyhow.


After the exclusive event, PK informed Mac that the house had lost and that she owed the participants $100,000 in total. It was enough to bankrupt her, but PK convinced her that if she just spent the night with him, all of her debts would be forgiven.

While Mac was almost ready to go through with it, she realised she couldn’t do that to Logan (Harley Bonner), and she bolted from PK’s place, but not before he kissed her.

Despite the fact that it was Mac’s love for Logan that drove her to refuse PK’s request, she withheld the truth from her lover. Even when Tane (Ethan Browne) was stabbed, Logan risked his career by saving his life on the Salt floor rather than taking him to the hospital, Mac refused to confess.

In reality, Logan didn’t realise the full scope of Mac’s difficulties until Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) arrived at the Parata location after PK’s death was discovered to ask Flick some questions. Logan put a halt to things, disgusted by Mac’s lies and the reality that her blackmailer had died.


The police quickly began a murder inquiry into PK’s death, with Dean as the primary suspect. When PK threatened Jai (River Jarvis), Dean enlisted the help of the River Boys to thrash him around a bit to show him that Dean wasn’t to be trifled with.

While Dean has convinced Mac and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) that he and the River Boys left PK alive and well, the fact that he was discovered dead shortly after does not bode well.

When Nathan was brought in for interrogation, he told Cash that Mackenzie and Dean were the two people that held grudges against PK.

Nathan decided to frame Dean because he already had a criminal record, so he planted a bloody wrench in the back of Ziggy’s car.


The cops now have a motive as well as a murder weapon. Dean’s situation isn’t looking good!

This week, Dean realises he’s being played, and it doesn’t take him long to figure out who’s behind it.

“We need to find Nathan,” he tells Ziggy, and it’s safe to assume he won’t be kind when he does.

“Dean is furious that he’s been falsely accused,” Patrick told TV Week. “He’s hoping for a simple confession from Nathan, but if that’s not the case, he’s willing to go to any length to acquire it.”

Dean enlists the services of the River Boys once more, and it doesn’t take long for them to locate Nathan.

Dean sends Ziggy a letter asking her not to worry as he leaves the farmhouse early and proceeds to the run-down house where the boys have Nathan kidnapped.


Before Dean arrived, he was bound to a chair and had already endured a pounding.

“You put me up for assassination!” Dean screams at him, stating that he demands answers. Despite the pounding, Nathan refuses to talk, and Dean is compelled to attempt a gentler approach.

However, while Dean is being interrogated, he receives a phone call from Ziggy, who demands to know what he’s up to. Dean’s criminal past has always enraged her, and she is worried that he is reverting to his old ways.

Worse, Cash has returned to her house, this time with a warrant for Dean’s arrest. Before he does anything truly stupid, she needs to talk to her partner.

Dean is finally distracted by her persistent calling. He responds calmly, assuring her that he will not return to prison.

Nathan takes advantage of the chance presented by the break, slipping through the River Boys’ grasp and escaping.

He flees the junkyard where he’d been held captive, dashing across it.

The scrap trucks provide him with numerous hiding spots, and he manages to elude Dean and the boys for a little time, but there is no way out.

When the boys notice him, the chase begins all over again.

When Nathan tries to flee again, Dean catches him off guard and tackles him to the ground. Dean, on the other hand, is having trouble pinning him down, and Nathan isn’t about to give up without a fight.

It appears that Dean may be in trouble, as Nathan manages to obtain a piece of scrap metal large enough to cause serious damage…

This week, Dean isn’t the only one in hot water. Cash uncovers the truth about Salt’s clandestine poker sessions, and is shocked to learn that his own sister was involved!

He has no choice but to take action and goes to the Parata house, where he arrests Felicity!

Mackenzie thinks she’ll be next now that Felicity is in detention. Terrified, she chooses to escape town, never to return to Summer Bay!

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