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Violent attack, an arrest and heartbreaking news: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is shocked to find that Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) has beaten up Justin (James Stewart) and left him unconscious on the garage floor this week on Home and Away. When the cops arrive at the hospital to take a statement, Justin refuses to cooperate, but Leah thinks enough is enough and heads down to the station to ensure her brother accepts responsibility for his crimes.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is under increasing strain due to her financial difficulties and poker nights, as John (Shane Withington) harasses her about not paying the rent and poker player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) requests that she hold more events. He confesses he owes people a lot of money, and he staggers into Salt drenched in blood after Mackenie declares she can’t do any more poker nights… What exactly has Mackenzie gotten herself into this time?

Here’s what’s in store for the week starting Monday, May 30.

After Justin is admitted to the hospital, Leah informs the police about her brother

Irene calls Leah and informs her that Dimitri has been acting strangely at the Surf Club. She attempts to contact Justin but receives no response. Concerned, Sarah and Theo go down to the garage, where they locate Justin asleep on the ground. They call for assistance, and Justin returns just long enough to inform Leah that Dimitri is the perpetrator. As Justin is admitted to the hospital and begins to have seizures, Leah decides that enough is enough – it’s time to take her brother to the police station and make him face the consequences…


The intense volleyball match between Rose and Jasmine culminates in a bleeding nose

Jasmine and Xander have immediately become firm friends and discovered lots of common ground since Jasmine’s long-lost siblings Xander and Rose arrived in the Bay. Rose, on the other hand, has been relegated to the periphery, and Xander is quick to perceive the tension between the two sisters. He recommends a friendly volleyball game to help them bond, but the two end up venting their emotions in the game, which intensifies until Jasmine slams a ball over the net, right into Rose’s nose…

At one of Mackenzie’s poker sessions, a player is assaulted

Mackenzie is under pressure from player Nathan, who promises big spenders and even more success than before, to continue conducting illegal poker evenings after hours in Salt. She turns him off, but she’s caught in a bind when Nathan admits that he lost a large sum of money at the previous event — money that wasn’t his to lose. Mackenzie claims it isn’t her concern, but when she goes to pay her check that night, she is taken aback to find Nathan staggering into the bar, covered in blood. He claims the incident was a warning from someone he owes money to, and that if he doesn’t pay up soon, he’ll die. Will Mackenzie keep playing with fire and save Nathan from the problems he’s gotten himself into as a result of her poker nights?

Will Mackenzie get kicked out of Salt if Alf discovers she hasn’t paid her rent?

Nathan isn’t Mackenzie’s only issue, as John enters Salt agitated and informs her that the Surf Club board is on her back because she hasn’t paid the last two months’ rent. Mackenzie casually claims that it’s just an accounting issue that she’ll remedy as soon as she can, but it’s evident that she doesn’t have the funds to do so. She contacts the bank for a loan in a desperate attempt to find a solution, but she is abruptly disconnected. John continues to bother her, and Mackenzie appeases him for the time being by providing free dinners. However, after a few days, even John is obliged to draw a line and tells her that the problem must be escalated to Alf…

Martha’s doctors have warned her that she may die young

Martha is becoming upset by Alf’s hovering over her, and Roo is concerned that her mother’s mood will cause her to reconsider the transplant. During a family walk along the beach, though, they decide to pay the transplant coordinator a visit. They learn at the hospital that the blood test must be redone because Martha’s health may have changed in the interim. The coordinator arranges for Logan to check Martha out because she is struggling to mask a dry cough. He doesn’t seem pleased with what he discovers, and the X-rays suggest that Martha may never be healthy enough for surgery. They warn the family to expect the worst…


Dean issues an ultimatum to Mackenzie since her safety is in jeopardy

Dean has a feeling Mackenzie isn’t being completely honest with him, so when he overhears John berating her for not paying her rent, he questions her about it. When he sees Nathan hanging around, his suspicions are heightened, and when he learns the truth about Nathan’s debt problems, he informs her that these people can’t be trusted. Dean is frightened by what his sister is getting herself into when Felicity provides her own intel on the games Nathan could be playing, and he gives her an ultimatum: if she won’t accept a loan from him to help with the rent, she’ll be on her own. Will Mackenzie put her safety first, even if it means sacrificing her pride?

Ryder wants to go to a casino instead of staying in the Bay?

Ryder begs Felicity to let him be a dealer for the upcoming poker night, but she laughs him off. Croupiers are required for real gamers. Ryder, on the other hand, is unfazed, and he lures Bella and Nikau into a game of poker at the Farm House so he can practise. The pair is initially uninterested, but after Nikau experiences a winning streak, he begins to see the appeal. Ryder later admits to Nikau that one day he wants to work as a croupier in a casino, claiming that he wants to travel the world and meet new people. Could Ryder be on his way out of the Bay?

Mia abandons Chloe when she relocates to New Zealand?

Chloe has been juggling time with her mother, job, and friends while trying to assist Mia. Mia has clearly just stayed in the Bay for herself, and the place is flooded with memories of Ari. Chloe eventually tells Mia that she can’t stand watching her cry and that she can’t be near her. Mia is taken aback; how can she care for her daughter if they couldn’t be together? Mia may pursue a different road, Tane advises, and depart while Chloe stays in the Bay. Mia is left with a question: is it possible that leaving the Bay and travelling to Ari’s ultimate resting place in New Zealand would be the best decision for the entire family?

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