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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (June 6 to 10)


The Stewart family will clash next week on Home and Away over Martha’s health.

In other news, Rose’s new work causes friction with Cash, while Logan gets injured in a major vehicle accident.

Here’s a complete list of the 13 major events coming up.

1. Roo struggles for Martha’s long-term survival

Following the awful news that Martha isn’t in good enough health to have the kidney transplant, Roo struggles. She seeks guidance from Logan, who recommends a health-improvement programme that Martha can follow once she is released from the hospital.


Roo is relieved that Martha could still have a shot, while Alf is concerned that they are being given false hope. He also worries that Martha is being overworked, but Martha intervenes and says that it’s worth a shot.

2. Alf and Roo had a quarrel over Martha

As Martha’s health kick begins, Roo puts her through her paces. When Martha collapses from tiredness after a long walk, Alf accuses Roo of pushing her mother too hard.

Later, Alf apologises to Roo for being so harsh. When he discovers that Roo has left her mother alone at home, he becomes enraged and accuses her of harming Martha.

3. Mia makes the decision to depart

Tane’s offer that she could leave Summer Bay and he’d look after Chloe astounds Mia. Mia realises after some thought that it would be the best choice for everyone because Chloe requires space.


Chloe considers moving into a shared house to get away from Mia, but she is taken aback when her mother informs her that she is leaving. Chloe thinks this is a big step, but once Mia explains the benefits, she starts to see her mother’s point of view.

4. Mia bids her farewells

Mia’s transfer is supported by the Parata family, who provide her a plane ticket to New Zealand. They’ve already called Nikau’s mother, Gemma, who has agreed to let Mia stay with her for the time being.

The Paratas give Mia a heartfelt send-off the next day as she departs Summer Bay for good.

5. PK, a newbie, charms Mac

Nathan, a poker player, returns to Salt with a wad of cash in his hand. He gives it to Mac and thanks her for helping him out while he was recently in debt. Mac is pleasantly astonished to see that Nathan has generously paid her, returning more more than he owed in the first place.


Nathan quickly shows that he isn’t done with Mac when he introduces her to his friend PK, who is looking for a seat at the next poker night. PK is willing to pay a lot of money to be a part of it; all Mac has to do now is set her price.

6. Felicity and Mac had a fight about PK

In order to create room for PK, Mac asks PK to eject one of the poker players from that night’s tournament. Felicity is taken aback, pointing out that this isn’t how things work in the gambling world, and that removing another participant would be considered disrespectful.

Felicity is forced to follow Mac’s lead because he has made up his mind. She makes every effort to learn more about PK’s past, but there isn’t much to go on.

7. Mac is approached with an intriguing offer

After Felicity’s investigation into PK’s past turns up nothing interesting, Mac believes PK is safe.

Later, PK approaches Mac and tells her that he wants her to hold a more private poker night with just one table, ten players, and a $5,000 buy-in. Mac is overjoyed, knowing that this would help her pay off her obligations, but Felicity is concerned that it will just lead to trouble.

8. Rose accuses Cash of favouritism

Rose begins work at the Yabbie Creek police station, but she finds it difficult to acclimate to the monotony of small-town policing.


When Rose goes out on patrol with Cash and stops Alf for speeding, she finally gets some excitement. Rose wants to give Alf a ticket, but Cash thinks Alf deserves some sympathy because his wife is so sick.

As Alf is let off the hook for his transgression, Rose wonders whether there is one rule for Cash’s buddies and another for the rest of us.

Cash supports his position, claiming that local policing entails discretion and a case-by-case assessment of situations.

9. Xander is dissatisfied

Xander gets a job interview at the Northern Districts Hospital for a possible paramedic position.

Jasmine believes in her brother and believes he has it all figured out. Xander, on the other hand, later says that he did not obtain the job.

10. Logan is engaged in a car accident

Logan is asked by Jasmine to assist Xander in finding work. Logan addresses his Reefton Lakes coworkers about paramedic opportunities. There’s nothing accessible, so Logan gives Xander’s contact information in case something comes up.

Xander should go to Reefton Lakes Medical Centre, Jasmine advises, so that the personnel can put a face to his name. They come into a car accident on the way and are surprised to discover Logan is one of the drivers. Millie, a stranger who is distressed and bleeding, is the other.

11. Ryder is thinking about leaving the Bay

Ryder receives a text from his mother regarding a cruise ship job offer. It appears to be ideal for Ryder because the ship has a casino on board, allowing him to pursue his dream of becoming a croupier in the future.

Ryder tells Dean about the job possibility, revealing that he’s hesitant because the position starts next week, and he doesn’t want to leave Alf and Roo alone while Martha is sick. Dean advises Ryder to prioritise himself and accept the job.

12. Theo is having trouble with his training

When Theo learns that his abusive father has been sentenced to a two-year good behaviour bond and anger management therapy, he feels relieved.

Later, Theo receives a call from TAFE informing him that he failed an assignment because he forgot to submit it. Theo is enraged by the setback and proclaims his intention to leave the apprenticeship.

13. Ziggy attempts to teach Theo

Ziggy decides to become a tutor in order to help Theo. She starts as kind and sympathetic, but when Theo struggles to answer simple questions, she becomes irritated.

Theo storms out, believing Ziggy is passing judgement on him. Dean intervenes and urges Theo to give Ziggy a second opportunity.

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