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EXCLUSIVE: How Johnny Ruffo’s “wonderful” friendship with Lynne McGranger has made “all the difference” amid his cancer battle


I can’t emphasise enough how important she is in helping others get through difficult situations.

Although Johnny Ruffo, 34, no longer appears on Home and Away, he remains close to one of Summer Bay’s most adored residents.
Anyone can smile at the former actor’s friendship with Lynne McGranger, who portrays Irene Roberts on the soap.
And Johnny, who is coping with terminal cancer, is incredibly appreciative of Lynne’s calming influence in his life.

According to the X Factor alum, “She’s been fantastic.” “She continually checks in and inquires about my well-being. She desires to eat out every single night “I can’t emphasise enough how helpful people like her are at trying occasions. She is just an amazing person. It makes a world of difference to have folks ask, “Oh, how are you feeling this week?” and other beautiful small things. It’s a fantastic network of support.”
His partner Tahnee Sims, whom he refers to as his “motivational speaker,” is in charge of this network of support.
Johnny exclaims, “Tahnee’s constantly there inspiring me to get outside and get some sun, go for a stroll, and little little things.

“She is always by my side, trying to inspire me to feel better and keep moving forward. going forward one foot at a time.”
When the trio unexpectedly returned to Dancing With The Stars in April of this year, the 34-year-old undoubtedly took her advise to heart.
Johnny returned to the stage in 2022 for one more dance after being named the competition’s victor in June 2012.
In regards to his comeback, Johnny admits that it was far more difficult to memorise the steps this time. “But the enjoyment was equal.
“I recall how enjoyable it was to be a part of the show. It was an excellent encounter. Even though learning the dances was quite challenging, you only had around five or six days to learn a brand-new dance.”


He goes on: “When you eventually perfected your routine and had to do it live that evening, you relished it. It was really fast-paced.”
In the midst of his cancer struggle, Johnny has partnered with Amazon Australia, who with the aid of children from the Starlight Foundation, as well as a stop-motion movie, have revealed their Top 100 list and toy trends for the holidays in 2022.
The swashbuckling pirate from the TOMY Pop Up Pirate Action Game is getting Johnny’s famed pipes as a gift.
He said, “I guess the idea is to lighten the lives of very ill and hospitalised kids all throughout the country.
“Working with them is a great endeavour because you get to see the smile on the faces of these kids who are enduring such struggle, and you get to take them away from their daily life,” the author said.

He goes on: “It feels so nice to be able to do that. It makes you happy to watch how happy they are and how completely absorbed they are in the world of toy play.”
Johnny acknowledges that he has also found the campaign to be a “big distraction.”
“I stop thinking about the struggles I’m facing. You say, “Okay, so my objective for today is to provide a smile to these youngsters.” Simply put, I just want to brighten their day and make them smile.”

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