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Home and Away’s Marilyn confronts Heather over baby photo mystery


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Marilyn Chambers, a fan favourite from Home and Away, will get a disturbing delivery on UK television next week.

Following the appearance of Heather Fraser, a newcomer to Summer Bay who is concealing a secret, Marilyn is ready to take centre stage in a significant new plot.

The programmes shown on Channel 5 the following week have Marilyn developing growing doubts that Heather is who she claims to be.


Marilyn questions Heather’s lack of preparation for her most recent tutoring session with Roo Stewart and wonders what might be keeping her from studying.

Heather presents herself as someone who is just having trouble adjusting to life in the Bay, which makes Roo feel sorry for her.

Marilyn isn’t persuaded, and she soon finds herself disagreeing with Roo over the circumstance.

By telling Marilyn that Heather once had to give up a child as a result of having an affair with a married man, Roo tries to soften Marilyn’s attitude about the Bay’s newest resident.


Strangely, this simply makes Marilyn’s situation worse because she is already visibly affected by the disturbing story that Heather has told Roo.

Later, Marilyn discovers a picture of a newborn child and the enigmatic note “Guess who?” on her doorstep.

Marilyn charges Heather with leaving the photo at her camper and goes out to confront her.

When Heather continues to claim innocence, Nikau Parata and Roo Stewart stop their argument.


Marilyn is pulled away by Roo, who then apologises to Heather for her friend’s apparently unpredictable behaviour. Marilyn is pressed by Roo for an explanation, but she declines.

When Heather is once again by herself in her caravan, she opens a box and takes out her birth certificate, on which Marilyn Chambers is listed as her birth mother.

Marilyn’s long-lost daughter is still causing problems in Summer Bay. What are her intentions?

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