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Home and Away Spoilers – Bree devastated by news from her parents


The visit of a familiar figure might be exactly what Leah needs, while Bree suffers with some heartbreaking news from home on the UK’s Home and Away next week.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are still at odds as she works on her recovery after her not-so-secret return to Summer Bay last week. But may a visitor to the bay hold the key to their reconciliation?

After being released from the mental health clinic, Leah had chosen not to go back to her and Justin’s Healey Road house, instead requesting permission to stay with Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker), and Marilyn (Emily Symons) at Summer Bay House.

Leah was hesitant to visit Justin even though she had improved greatly in the clinic. Leah didn’t want to take the chance of injuring him if she regressed in her rehabilitation because she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to forgive her for holding him at knifepoint during a psychotic episode brought on by sleep deprivation.


Leah’s homecoming was eventually announced to Justin and Theo (Matt Evans) by Alf, but Justin was adamant about seeing her even though they tried to persuade him to honour Leah’s wishes.

Leah felt Justin was pressing her, even though she had only grudgingly let him in. She ran upstairs and called Marilyn to complain that Justin would not leave.

But Leah saw right through Justin’s misery, and after reading a letter he had written her, she gently let him down, telling him that even though she is still working on herself, they are not meant to be together.

Theo finds himself caught between Justin and Leah the following week as they are both always asking each other how the other is doing.


Leah happens to be at the diner when Theo phones to pick up lunch for him and Justin at the garage. As a treat, she offers to make it for them and sneaks in Justin’s favourite brownie.

When Theo comes back, Justin notices right away and proposes that Theo go back to the diner later for some coffee (and to see how Leah is doing).

But Theo says no, saying he can’t bear to be his spy. Later, he declines Leah’s plea that he bring her some groceries.

Theo tells Leah that Justin isn’t doing well and that, despite his claims to spare her feelings, he is truly falling apart since it’s all starting to get to him.


For Theo’s sake, Leah tries to speak with Justin once more, but when he tries to approach her and express his love for her, Leah becomes frightened and quickly leaves the room.

However, it doesn’t take long for a third person to become involved when Leah gets a surprise visit from Valerie (Courtney Clarke), her roommate from the clinic.

Leah greets Valerie with excitement and promptly presents her to Marilyn (Emily Symons). Valerie reveals that she left the clinic as soon as her counsellor expressed satisfaction with her development, travelling directly to Summer Bay to meet Justin—who has been talked about a lot—and catch up with Leah.

Valerie finds it difficult to believe that Leah did not return home. Leah’s only conversation topic at the clinic was him.

“Justin loves you, and you love Justin.” How are you spending your time? Valerie queries.

Valerie questions how she will ever get well if she doesn’t spend any time with Justin, but Leah says she can’t take the chance of hurting him.


She brings up exposure therapy, which was discussed in the clinic, and advises Leah that even just getting coffee or hanging out with friends with Justin could help relieve some of the stress.

Alf extends Valerie an invitation to return to Summer Bay House and offers to rent her a van for the duration of her visit.

After a while, Justin stops by with some of the clothes that Leah had asked Theo to bring, and as he is about to go, Valerie nudges Leah to ask Justin to stay for supper. Justin accepts with pleasure.

Will Leah and Justin’s love blossom again as a result of Valerie’s arrival?

There are still worries about Bree’s (Juliet Godwin) mental health elsewhere in Summer Bay because she won’t leave Remi’s (Adam Rowland) bedside.

After getting knocked off his bike in the season finale by a car driven by brothers Wes and Mickey, Remi has been through a lot. When Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) walked upon the two, they were getting ready to bury Remi in the dark of night since they thought he was dead.

After abducting the two of them, Wes and Mickey were ready to try to get rid of Remi once more when they discovered he was still alive.

Eden successfully convinced Mickey to confront his older brother Wes and offer to help Remi by returning him to the side of the road and contacting an ambulance.

Bree was devastated when Remi was later taken to Northern Districts and even more so when cardiothoracic surgeon Levi (Tristan Gorey) decided to save Remi’s life right then and there.

Despite making a full recovery, Remi has experienced severe agony following surgery, which Bree attributes to Levi.

Fearing that Remi would experience additional difficulties, Bree has remained in the hospital ever since, covering his face when visitors come to see him in his room and carefully cleaning his surroundings to keep him from getting sick.

Remi is anxious to begin increasing his physical activities the following week since he is no longer taking painkillers all the time. Bree reassures him that it is necessary to prevent pneumonia.

Bree tries to keep Eden out, but Remi lets her in when she comes to visit. Bree’s overly guarded attitude catches Eden’s attention, and she later remarks to Remi that it seems like Bree requires security clearance each time she comes.

Remi acknowledges this, but downplays it, saying he can only truly handle one guest at a time.

Bree’s mother called her in the interim, and it was obvious that it had rattled her. She tells Remi that her mother was simply checking in, putting on a brave face even though she’s finding it difficult to control herself.

Bree pushes Remi until he loses it and tells her to stop lecturing him because that’s all she’s been doing since he woke up. Remi struggles with some breathing exercises.

Remi remarks, “Bree, you haven’t been two inches away from me since I opened my eyes.” “Please, you can’t fix everything.”

A visibly distressed Bree responds, “Don’t I know it,” and exits the room as Kirby (Angelina Thomson) shows up.

Remi follows Kirby to make sure Bree is alright. Kirby discovers Bree, and it’s obvious to her that she’s exhausted—both mentally and physically.

Later, Kirby discovers Bree having a heated conversation with her mother over the phone after persuading her to take a break. Bree, who is obviously upset, tries to hide her emotions once more by reminding her that she must remain strong for Remi, but finally gives in.

Bree’s father was working on a construction site when he had an accident. The roof gave way, causing him to fall and sustain serious brain injuries. He is currently on life support.

Bree starts crying and Kirby gives her a hug, telling her that she has to go be with her family.

However, Bree’s return to her mask throws Kirby off as they make their way back to Remi’s chamber. Remi apologises to Bree for his previous outburst, and she tells him that all is forgiven and she won’t be leaving.

Will Kirby step in to stop Bree from making a grave error that she will live to regret?

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