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Home and Away Spoilers – Bella Nixon says goodbye to Summer Bay


Bella’s loved ones gather to wish her farewell as she departs for New York this week on Home and Away in Australia…

Emmett Ellison (J.R. Reyne), Bella’s (Courtney Miller) old photography mentor, made a surprising return to Summer Bay last week. Before Emmett was offered an outstanding career opportunity in New York, Bella had interned with Emmett last year and the two had put on a joint photography exhibition in the city.

Emmett pledged that he’d always be there for Bella if she needed anything, and it’s evident that he meant it when he offered Bella a job as his assistant on a three-month assignment back in the United States.

Bella’s lover Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who had just gotten his own dream job as Summer Bay’s newest paid lifeguard, was less than impressed to see Emmett back on the scene, a reminder of the short-lived modelling career that nearly wrecked his relationship with Bella for good.


Bella had to tell him that the villain of the story was agent Sienna (Rose Riley), not Emmett.

Nik was heartbroken when he learned of Emmett’s offer, believing that once Bella had a taste of the New York lifestyle, she’d never want to go back to Summer Bay.

Bella eventually admitted that their relationship might not be able to withstand the distance… In such case, he should accompany her!

After all the work he’d gone in to help Nik land his ideal job, John (Shane Withington) was disappointed to find that Nik was considering quitting, but he advised Nik that he had to put his own needs first and do whatever made him happy.


However, after a patrol shift, Nik realised that he was already enjoying his best life and informed John that he would not be leaving… The only thing left to do now was inform Bella of his decision!

Whatever news Bella receives, it has no bearing on her choice to accept Emmett’s offer, as evidenced by a trailer for this week’s episodes provided by Seven, which shows Bella’s loved ones, including Nik, gathered in Salt for a farewell party.

Bella says during her speech, “The best thing about family is that they have to put up with you, even when you’re at your worst!”

The insight is not lost on anyone who has watched Bella go through some difficult moments in recent years, and the promo then shows Bella hugging Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and telling him she will miss him.


As everyone exchanges stories and raises a glass to Bella, even Nikau appears to be in good spirits, but with the New York journey putting 16,000 kilometres between them, it’s a sad goodbye – will they be able to make long distance work, or is this the end?

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