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Home and Away to air Mia Anderson’s exit storyline


Mia Anderson’s final scenes from Home and Away will appear on UK television next week.

Mia recently left Summer Bay at an Australian pace, and her storyline is currently airing on Channel 5.

Following the recent death of her spouse Ari Parata, Mia will make arrangements for a new beginning.

Mia’s grief for Ari is exacerbated when her daughter Chloe says that she can’t stand being around her right now.


Now that Ari’s death has shattered their family unit, Chloe is insistent that she wants space.

Tane, Ari’s younger brother, comes in to offer assistance, promising Mia that if she leaves Summer Bay, he’ll take care of Chloe.

Mia initially rejects the plan, but after some consideration, she realises that it may be the best option for everyone.

Chloe considers moving out of the Parata mansion and into a sharing house to gain the space she requires, unaware of Mia’s plans.


Mia reveals her plans to leave before Chloe can adequately present this concept to her mother.

Chloe thinks this is going too far, but Mia sees the benefits of them both taking time to heal.

Chloe eventually accepts her mother’s logic, and Mia’s departure is agreed upon.

Mia is given a plane ticket to New Zealand by the Parata family afterwards.


Tane has spoken with Nikau’s mother, Gemma, and she has agreed to let Mia remain with her for a bit.

This will also provide Mia with the opportunity to visit Ari’s last resting place in New Zealand after his body was carried there.

As Mia departs the next day, Chloe receives the closure she seeks and prepares to embark on a new chapter in her life. Is the drama for Chloe really finished now that she’s holding secrets about her previous bad behaviour?

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