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Home and Away spoiler: Theo tries to stand by Valerie


After they were all arrested because of Valerie, Kirby is not very sympathetic to Theo’s hunt for her. Valerie is informed about the latest happenings with the police when Theo eventually runs into her at home.

Kirby insists they tell Justin the truth when she discovers them together, but they both object. Kirby asks Theo why his love for Valerie haven’t altered after she put him under the bus after Valerie gives them some space. Kirby then approaches Valerie and questions her about her true level of concern for Theo.

As all of this is going on, Eden confronts Levi face-to-face and exposes the lies he concocted to hide his affair. Eden makes it obvious that she isn’t ready to forgive despite Levi’s protests that he detests lying to her. When Cash gets home, Levi is irritated to discover that he too is aware of the truth, even though he begs Eden not to tell Imogen what she has discovered. Eden doesn’t hesitate to reveal the affair to Remi and Kirby as soon as they enter.

Felicity, who isn’t going to take the affair lightly, and Mackenzie maintain their tense dynamic at Salt. As soon as Levi discovers this, he storms into Eden’s and yells at his sister, telling her to stop bothering her friends. It’s between him and his wife for the time being, but he promises to work things out with Imogen.


Eden surprises her pals by telling them that he’s correct after the argument. Although she despises her brother at the moment, she believes they should give him time to change his ways.

Mackenzie worries when Levi has to go at the same moment, but he clarifies that he must be present when Imogen gets home. He assures her that after telling her everything, they will be able to spend time together.

In another scene, Cash tells Eden about his own vacation; the security firm acknowledges that Stevie is in grave danger, but they are powerless to make her rehire them. His phone buzzes at that very time, alerting him to the fact that Stevie is live online and teasing her supporters with a major revelation that will happen later that day. She has told everyone exactly where she is, so Cash finds this unbelievable. Eden tells Cash to leave, and he soon finds himself by Stevie’s side, where she reiterates that she doesn’t require his help.

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