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Home and Away spoiler: Theo and Valerie clash over drugs


Valerie informs Theo that Kirby spoke with a police officer as she dashes home. Feeling upbeat following a good press interview with a little assistance from the drugs, he dismisses her worries.

Valerie is reassured by Theo that the “cop” is actually his buddy Rose and that she shouldn’t be concerned because Kirby would never report them. Valerie is even more enraged by this since she is becoming more and more concerned about Theo’s careless behaviour when it comes to appearing in public while high.

Theo receives an opportunity to do a live interview with a local radio station the next morning. Fearing that the pills were the only reason he performed so well on the first try, he begs Valerie for another tablet so he can go on with the interview.

In an attempt to forget about her brother, Valerie can eat anything she wants, but Theo snaps and demands to know why he isn’t allowed to have medications. Though he quickly regrets what he said, Valerie is furious and walks away. Seeing the end of the two’s dispute, Kirby observes with evident concern.


Tane, meantime, won’t even eat or sleep from the hospital, refusing to leave the baby’s side. When he does, at last, run back home, it’s only to get clean clothing, and he hardly even talks to Mackenzie and Mali, who seem worried. His roommates openly question whether he is becoming a little too attached to this child. Once they’re back at the hospital, Tane calls the baby “Maia,” which is the Māori word for “courage.”

Tane later hears Rose and Harper talking about the circumstance. They confirm that no one has contacted Maia to claim her, and since she has been in the hospital for some time, it could be appropriate to think about hiring an emergency foster care provider.

Tane leaps in right away, saying he’ll complete the task quickly. Only Australian nationals and those with permanent residency status are eligible to foster, according to Harper.

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