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Home and Away spoiler: Theo turns to drugs again


Valerie and Theo feel totally at ease in bed. At last, Valerie lets a tiny bit of information slip. She says that she used to party hard and that the drugs helped her deal with the stress of everything when her brother Josh passed away.

Theo asks Valerie where she might find more medicines the following day. Valerie becomes serious right away, telling Theo that this is no joke and that he should take it seriously. Theo allays her worries by saying he’ll take care of it.

Theo phones Valerie after receiving the money from Kirby from the Moonlight job at Salt. She gives in and begins tugging at a few threads to win them another round. Could this be the start of a negative behaviour?

Harper’s phone is beeping nonstop with notifications in the meantime. She has admitted to using the dating app Smouldr. She finds a cute-looking match, but she’s not sure what to do next. Tane tells her to just be herself. When Harper heeds his counsel, they find themselves arranging a date.


Xander finds it difficult to think of the next Salt event somewhere. Dana jumps in, insisting that he needs her assistance without a doubt. As they consider Xander’s beautiful but unsuccessful date with Harper and Dana’s troubled past in relationships, they lament being friend-zoned and single.

Dana confides in Xander that, at this rate, she expects to be unmarried at 40. She’s a catch, he says, so it would be a shame. To her surprise, Dana’s heart skips a beat. Has she developed a sudden crush for Xander?

Today, after a fantastic evening at Salt, Leah and Justin go for home, with Justin getting ready for an additional night by himself. However, Leah is finally comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed when the door opens. They embrace, and it feels like home for the first time in a very long time.

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