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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


In the upcoming episode of Home and Away, Theo convinces Valerie to give him more pills.

In other news, Eden believes Levi is up to no good, Dana and Xander may be developing a romantic relationship, and Cash is shielding the Surf Club’s anonymous contributor.

This is the complete set of 14 incredible moments.

  1. Theo is high due to drugs.

Leah and Justin are unaware that their nephew is under the influence of drugs, while Theo is high from party drugs.


Valerie leads Theo into his room as soon as he gets home in an attempt to keep the couple from discovering what’s going on.

Theo queries Valerie about why she takes the drugs herself, but she sidesteps his enquiries by promising a crazy afternoon of pleasure.

  1. Kirby finds out what Theo hides.

Since Theo’s previous outburst is still fresh in her mind, Kirby worries to Remi that Valerie is stealing her ex from Lyrik.

Kirby asks Theo to come over and talk as Remi continues to heal. When he shows there, he’s still feeling very confident after the drugs and is in an unusually upbeat mood.


Kirby realises he’s got a problem and asks Theo whether Valerie is to blame, but he storms off and won’t respond.

Theo then goes back to Valerie, and the two of them share a bed after dancing all night.

  1. Temptation wins out for Theo.

In bed the following morning, Valerie begins to talk to Theo about her history. She discloses how, following the loss of her brother Josh, she turned to narcotics as a coping method.

Still feeling very high from the day before, Theo convinces Valerie to get him some more drugs. Is this the beginning of a risky behaviour?

  1. Bree experiences tragedy

When Bree returns to the Bay, she is shocked to see that Remi has been discharged from the hospital more than a week earlier.

He says he’s sorry for not telling her sooner, but he clarifies that he thought she should be with her family.

Being truthful, Bree also discloses that her father passed away tragically and had severe brain damage as a result of his tragedy.

Bree sobs in Remi’s arms, unable to contain her pain anymore.

Harper’s dating life is a mess.

Harper registers for a Smouldr dating app, continuing her quest for Mr. Perfect.


Tane encourages Harper to go for it and simply be herself after she matches with a guy named Derek, helping her get over her nervousness.

She follows his instructions, but it doesn’t take long to realise that Derek still has feelings for his ex and has one goal in mind.

Harper then tells Tane to get her some pizza and sends her date leaving.

  1. Dana is eyeing a person.

Dana offers to assist Xander in brainstorming ideas for his upcoming Salt event.

Dana’s heart skips a beat as Xander gives her a kind remark while the other single people lament their loneliness. Has she met her ideal partner?

  1. Xander and Dana get closer

Dana confides in Irene, keeping her identity a secret, about her new crush and her anxiety about dating again after what transpired with her previous partner.

Irene tells her that there are plenty of nice guys out there, and Dana is obviously infatuated with Xander when she receives a text from him.

Dana persuades Rose to hold off on talking about their attraction until later after she notices it between her and Xander.

  1. Leah and Justin make significant progress

After all of the turmoil over the past few months, Leah and Justin are at last in a good place.

Leah feels comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed after they have a great evening together at Salt.

For the first time in a long time, the couple embraces and is completely at ease with one another.

  1. Mac problems Mali with a deadline

In order to get some alone time with her secret boyfriend Levi, Mackenzie persuades Mali and Tane to leave the house for the day. However, Mac is compelled to tell Levi that she has informed her roommate about their affair after Mali makes an unexpected reappearance.

When Mali wonders how many other girlfriends he has scattered over the nation, Levi becomes uneasy.

Mali’s meddling doesn’t sit well with Mac either, who says he can leave her home if he doesn’t like the way she lives.

  1. Mac and Levi narrowly escape another time.

Mac soon says she’s sorry for Mali’s actions and regrets treating her so harshly.

She also approaches Levi, asking him where he sees them heading given that he is still very close to his wife.

Felicity shows up at the door before he can comfort her, so the couple had to hide once more.

When Flick tells Eden about the event later on, she is certain that her brother has been lying to her.

  1. Eden has doubts about Levi

Eden tries to persuade Mali of the truth, but he refuses to give up on Mac, saying Levi was simply following up with his patient.

Mali’s unwillingness to include Mac in it irritates Eden more and strains his bond with Rose.

Eden complains to Cash about his lack of progress, and he advises his lover to quit creating issues when none exist.

Eden concludes that he’s probably right and chooses to visit Levi in the city.

  1. Rose offers assistance

Rose’s new role as a senior constable includes overseeing the community service workers who help rejuvenate the bush.

Among her employees are Justin and Montana, a spoilt influencer who would stop at nothing to keep her hands clean.

Rose contacts the young lady after hearing Cash’s counsel and encourages her to value her work.

Justin is also informed that his community service is now finished, which is wonderful news.

  1. John and Roo notice a rat.

John is still in shock by Roo’s choice to end the enquiry into the unidentified donor. Marilyn, however, believes John has a right to know that Cash was able to identify the source of their enormous donation.

When Roo tells her colleague the truth, she and John are both perplexed as to why Cash simply left without finishing the task.

  1. What is Cash concealing?

John confronts Cash, who is silent on the subject, determined to find out who the contributor is.

Due to the former police officer’s unwillingness to assist, Roo and John are forced to freeze the funds and arrange a meeting to discuss how to proceed.

When Cash learns of the situation, they immediately call the donor and tell them they are having trouble.

What makes him shielding them?

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