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Home and Away spoiler: Cash confronts Stevie’s stalker


Cash isn’t going to back down from the danger Stevie is in during her media event. He draws attention to the fact that there is no security and no one has checked his ID, making this a high-threat situation that could endanger her. It’s obvious that Stevie disagrees, and the director will shortly be making the cast of All Our Tomorrows public.

Cash is forced to watch as Stevie pays respects to her late co-star Crystal during an audience Q&A. He congratulates her on her realization that they are finally on the same page and extends his sincere gratitude.

But while she deals with a crush of fans clamoring for signatures, Cash feels impending danger. A renegade admirer makes her way through the throng and approaches Stevie, pleading with her to utter her catchphrase before abruptly lunging at her. Cash chases after the assailant, arriving barely in time.

They’re soon having a cat and mouse game in an abandoned parking lot. The stalker yells that Stevie is last on his list before Cash overcomes him in a physical fight. Cash receives gratitude from Stevie for everything as he is led away in handcuffs. At last, she may feel secure.


Valerie thanks Theo for taking the fall for the pills that were seized, but their relationship is uneasy. She is adamant that if she turned herself in, the police would assume she was stooping to his level. When Justin sees Valerie and her partner sharing a kiss, he is not amused because he believes he has expressed his desire for Valerie to go.

Justin agrees when Theo says they should have a conversation, but he brings up the police having seized the van right away. Leah enters while he’s still questioning them, curious as to what’s going on. Valerie is put on notice by Justin, who gives her the task of telling Leah about how she nearly destroyed Theo’s life by pushing him into drugs. Valerie leaves because she finds it too much, leaving Leah stunned and incredulous.

Kirby leads with kindness and lends a sympathetic ear when she discovers Valerie sobbing on the sand. Although Valerie acknowledges that she has a problem, she expresses her love for Leah and how much it has meant to her to feel like a member of her family. Since Kirby values candor, Valerie shows up to ask for forgiveness.

Valerie feels disappointed as the answer is not what she had anticipated. When Leah tells her she must go—possibly to return to the clinic—she does not mince words. Valerie says no, and while Leah and Justin look on, she and Theo exchange a moving farewell. Theo is eager to stay in touch, but Valerie is aware that she has already hurt Theo enough. As she drives out into the distance, Theo’s heart breaks.


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