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Home and Away spoiler: Leah and Justin get a new ally


For the first time in days, Leah and Justin are face to face at the garage. They’ve put Theo in a bad situation, Leah informs Justin. Justin nods in agreement, but he really worries about Leah and wants to know what’s going on between them. He says how much he is going to miss her.

But Leah has had enough, and to Justin’s dismay, she runs off. Valerie, her clinic roommate, enters the diner where she is having a debriefing with Marilyn. Valerie is shocked that Leah hasn’t returned home to Justin considering everything she’s heard about him.

Leah is persuaded by Valerie to ask Justin to join them for supper later as she knows how much they adore each other. Is this the start of their journey to reconcile?

Eden, meanwhile, can’t help but notice Bree’s increasing protectiveness when they see Remi in the hospital; it seems like they require a security clearance each time. Remi minimises it by saying that he can only host a single guest at a time.


Bree receives a concerning call from her mother, and although though she hides her discomfort from Remi, he can see that she is upset once he closes his eyes.

The next day, Kirby sees Bree crying, and she opens up, telling him that her dad was in an accident and is now on life support. But Bree is more concerned with Remi, so she subsequently keeps the facts from him. As she comforts Remi, she makes a promise to stay put, but later crumbles into the arms of a worried Kirby.

Afterwards, Cash takes Rose out to celebrate her promotion despite having recently experienced a setback in his own profession. Rose is still concerned about her pal and wonders whether he truly doesn’t regret anything. Cash acknowledges that he does, but he has already instructed HQ where to go. He’s going on; what’s done is done.

Rose has an idea; she’ll give over her friend’s number who recently moved into security. Eden seems intrigued when he finds him looking through security jobs. Might Cash pursue this as a new career?


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