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Home and Away sets up Remi and Bree’s split storyline with big surprise


On Tuesday night (April 23), Home and Away teases Remi Carter and Bree Cameron’s love may be in peril, setting the stage for their tragic breakup.

Bree is very uncomfortable with Remi’s buddies Justin Morgan and Kirby Aramoana’s big surprise for him.

A teaser film from Tuesday’s 5STAR first-look episode has been made public by the show’s executives, and it shows that Remi and Bree don’t share the same passion for riding bikes. You may view the entire video at the top of the page.

Remi was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident last month that left him off of it.


The men in the other car mistakenly believed the Lyrik guitarist was dead, which caused them to delay providing him with the necessary medical care, putting him in grave danger of dying.

During his most recent visit to Summer Bay, Justin reveals to Remi, much to her surprise, that he has been working diligently on rebuilding his beloved bike.

Kirby, Remi’s bandmate, gets excited too, happy that her friend can resume touring.

Bree observes the trio having fun, but she chooses not to join in since she is clearly uncomfortable with Remi riding the bike again.


The Summer Bay doctor wants Remi to stay as safe as possible since he is terrified and anxious that he may lose him.

Bree’s worries are impacted by her father’s untimely death as well as the recent accident.

In other upcoming sequences, Remi will receive an ultimatum from Bree threatening to end their relationship if he picks up his bike again.

At first, Remi accepts, but he quickly tricks Bree by having Justin store the bike while he thinks of a method to ride it without her knowing.


Bree sees red and breaks up with Remi after learning of his infidelity.

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