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Home and Away’s Levi Fowler to make a devastating confession


Levi Fowler, who is going to confess to having an affair with Mackenzie Booth in upcoming scenes on Home and Away, is about to experience heartache.

This week, in episodes that will broadcast in Australia, Levi will confess to his wife Imogen (played by Georgia Blizzard) that their marriage had ended long before he relocated to Summer Bay and met Mac.

Before the drama plays out on TV, fans in the UK will have to wait until early June.

Meanwhile, actor Tristan Gorey, who plays the role of Levi, shared some details about the major reveal of his character.


“Levi is well aware he has been living in a fantasy land with Mac in Summer Bay,” Gorey stated to TV Week.

However, Levi is aware that all wonderful things must come to an end and that he must cope with the fallout from his choices. Eventually, the truth always surfaces.”

It appears that the surgeon will face criticism for his affair from his sister Eden, who is still in shock at the way her father destroyed their family’s happiness by having an extramarital affair with their mother, when a distraught Imogen kicks Levi out.

“Though Levi has broken [Imogen’s] heart, he has broken his own too, considering this is exactly how his own father shattered the family unit,” Corey went on to say.


Now that Imogen is aware of the situation, Levi is free to investigate his relationship with Mac, albeit there’s no assurance the two will last.

“Levi holds Mac close now that the truth is out,” he stated.

“But only time will tell how true their love really is.”

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