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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Home and Away will soon see Justin attempting to save Andrew from the apocalyptic cult Vita Nova.

It’s over between Kirby and Theo, and Marilyn is being followed by a frightening person elsewhere.

Here is the complete list of 11 significant events.

  1. Justin becomes aware of Andrew’s abduction

Justin Morgan and Cash Newman in “Home and Away”
Channel 5 of Endemol Shine
The fact that Andrew has been taken hostage by a phoney woman posing as his mother, “Esther,” is still unknown to Justin and Leah.


Cash is demoted from the case as a result of his lapse in judgement, and he receives a reprimand at work.

When Cash tells Justin the news, he is understandably incensed that Esther’s background wasn’t thoroughly investigated by the police.

Later, Cash arrives with an update, revealing that Esther is actually Vita Nova chief Margot Dafoe. Justin apologises for loosing his cool and offers to assist Cash in finding Andrew on their own.

  1. Cash battles his guilt.

In “Home and Away,” Nicholas Cartwright plays Cash Newman.
5 Channel
Despite their best efforts, Cash and Justin’s search for Margot and Andrew quickly comes to an end.


Cash feels terrible about letting Andrew go with Margot, and the fact that Eden and Felicity call him a “hero” just makes him feel worse.

Rose subtly updates Cash on the situation and lets him know that the taskforce has found Andrew’s whereabouts, but she obstinately won’t give him the address.

  1. Margot punishes Andrew

home and afar by Andrew Lawrence
5 Channel
Margot is occupied brainwashing Andrew about the perilous attractions of the outer world inside the Vita Nova complex.

The cult leader maintains that Vita Nova is a large family, but that a family is only as strong as its weakest member.


Margot brutally taunts the frightened adolescent while imprisoning him in a cell and blasting loud metal music.

  1. Justin finds Andrew.

Home and Away stars Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson
5 Channel
Cash departs from the group and obtains the compound’s address for himself back in the Bay. He and Justin approach Margot at Vita Nova’s base and demand to see Andrew.

Margot complies, and Justin goes over to Andrew to ask him to go home with him after telling him they’ve located his sister.

To Justin’s horror, the brainwashed boy insists that he is content to remain with Vita Nova and won’t be leaving.

  1. Theo decides to take action on his own.

Home and Away by Theo Poulos
5 Channel
Without Andrew, Justin returns home and updates Theo on the situation. The social media post that attracted Vita Nova was posted by Leah’s nephew, who wants to make amends.

Theo snaps a picture of the compound address while sneaking inside Cash’s home. As soon as Felicity notices his strange behaviour, she alerts Justin, who steps in to stop Theo from doing anything foolish.


Additionally, Justin notices that Theo is snubbing Kirby’s calls. Theo acknowledges their lack of compatibility but afterwards texts his girlfriend to ask if they may talk.

  1. Irene heads back home

Irene Roberts in Channel 5’s “Home and Away”
Following recent threats against her, Marilyn is on edge, and John has taken note of her paranoid demeanour.

When John confronts Marilyn after discovering that she had been lying to Alf, she finally discloses what had been happening. However, their talk is cut short when a brick bearing the ominous message “No more interviews, or else” is hurled through Irene’s window.

As night falls, a startled and bewildered Irene is waiting for Marilyn when she hears a disturbance and defends herself with a frying pan.

Marilyn is being observed.

Home and Away, starring John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers
5 Channel
Irene questions Marilyn about her boarded-up window as Roo shows up to offer assistance. Although Maz is appreciative of the help, she insisted that Alf not be informed so that he may travel as scheduled to see Martha.

Marilyn is still undecided as to whether she should make a follow-up interview to a major newspaper regarding her battle with Stunning Organics. She should put her safety first, Roo and Irene caution her, and they both insist.

Marilyn, however, is tired of being intimidated and chooses to move forwards with the exposé in order to give other victims of the dishonest company a voice.

Roo is quite proud of her brave companion, but when someone takes photos of them on the beach, further danger lurks.

  1. Kate declines Xander’s invitation.

“Home and Away” star Xander Delaney
5 Channel
When Kate, Jamie’s widow, visits Xander at Salt, she returns the check he put under her door. Kate falls down in tears and insists that all they want is Jamie back, despite Xander’s advice to preserve the money for her son Timothy.

Xander tries to help Kate financially once more after consoling her. But when Kate declines his guilt payment and tells Xander that it’s unfair that he’s still alive but Jamie is dead, his charity is met with resentment.

Soon after speaking harshly, Kate regrets it and goes back to apologise. For being a wonderful friend to Jamie, she thanks Xander. Xander and Kate are brought together by their loss and find comfort in one another.

Kirby fires Theo, 9.

Theo Poulos and Kirby Aramoana in “Home and Away”
5 Channel
As they attempt to solve their issues, tensions between Kirby and Theo are at an all-time high.

Theo is charged by Kirby with favouring Andrew over her and Lyrik. The feuding pair decides to separate for the evening.

Theo visits Kirby at work the following morning and proposes they take a little more time apart. Kirby is furious and tells her boyfriend not to bother taking a break because they are officially over.

  1. Rose and Mali get closer

Home and Away stars Mali Hudson and Rose Delaney.
5 Channel
Elandra, Mali’s sister, calls Rose, surprising her by saying her brother still has affection for her and regrets how they ended things.

When Mali pays Rose a visit, it is evident that the spark is still present. But just as they are about to kiss, a distraught Kirby enters and declares that she has dumped Theo.

Mali assists Rose in transporting an inebriated Kirby home after she drowns her sorrows at Salt. When Rose and Mali find themselves alone, they can finally speak. Will they succumb to their emotions?

  1. Remi experiences a flashback.

Home and Away on Channel 5 with Remi Carte and Bree Cameron
Remi is excited to compete in the Battle of the Bands contest. Lyrik discloses to Bree that he hasn’t consulted any of his bandmates before hiring a violinist to play with them in order to increase their chances of success.

When Eden finds out Remi has hired Mercedes DaSilva, a familiar person from Lyrik’s past, she is furious and cautions Remi not to trust her.

In the meantime, Bree’s connection with Remi has at last led to her finding happiness. But when stunning rock girl Mercedes shows up in Summer Bay and immediately sets her sights on Bree’s man, things might be about to change.

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