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Home and Away Roo star’s life – famous husband, glam snaps and health battle


Georgie Parker, who starred in Home and Away, is a Summer Bay legend.

As Roo Stewart, the child of Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and Martha Stewart, the 57-year-old actress debuted in the Australian soap opera in 2010. (Belinda Gibson).

Justine Clark originally played the part of Roo, but Georgie took over when the character returned to the bay and has continued to play the part ever since.

In recent scenes, Roo gave her ailing mother Martha a kidney as a gift.


Outside of the show, Georgie has had to deal with her own health issues, including a fight with scoliosis that ended her hopes of pursuing a ballet career.

The Daily Star examines her life.

Renowned husband

Since Georgie Parker has been performing for years, it appears that a love of the big screen runs in the family.

The actress is wed to renowned author and screenwriter Steve Worland.


After being married in 1999, the couple welcomed a daughter named Holly in 2000.

The critically acclaimed Australian family picture Paper Planes from 2014, starring Sam Worthington from Avatar, is one of Steve’s best recognised works.

Additionally, he is listed in the credits for the 2002 thriller Swimfan, which stars Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen, Shiri Appleby, and Jason Ritter. He has also written three novels.

Photos from the past

Georgie frequently uploads gorgeous vintage photos to her Instagram account.


The actress has had a distinguished career, appearing in musical theatre, television, and a The Wiggles music video.

From 1998 to 2005, Georgie portrayed Terri Sullivan on the Australian hospital programme All Saints.

She had an appearance in the Racing to the Rainbow music video by The Wiggles in 2006.

Before, Georgie’s hopes for a dance career were dashed by the discovery of her scoliosis.

Battling scoliosis

Georgie has been open about her personal health issues as her Home and Away character Roo recovers from kidney donor surgery.

When the actor was 13 years old, she received a scoliosis diagnosis.


In 2020, Georgie revealed the condition—which causes the spine to flex and twist—and how it had affected her height, saying she had “lost almost three inches.”

She stated to Now To Love in 2017: “It affects me every day, and I just have to maintain a healthy weight to keep my back as functioning as possible.

“I’ve never hated [having scoliosis] and it’s made me realise how lucky I am that, even though I have this major obstacle, I can still live my life pretty much how I want to,” the author says.

Channel 5 broadcasts Home and Away in the UK.

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