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Home and Away romance promo backfires: ‘Looks like her brother’


Recently, Home and Away’s Instagram post that hinted to a week of intense action packed with drama backfired when fans couldn’t figure out which couples were seen kissing—many of them confused the photos of two sets of siblings.

The show hinted at five private meetings between couples living together (or courting) in Summer Bay, but viewers were confused by some of the pictures’ lack of clarity.

The initial picture included Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), but many fans had to do a second snap because it appeared as though Eden was kissing her brother, Levi.

Someone said, “That looks like Eden and her brother—the first photo.” “Hopefully they’re just putting their noses together and doing that hug.”


“First pic incestuous,” another person commented. Another commenter joked, “Not me thinking it was Levi and Eden in the first photo 🥲 I was very confused 😂.”

“Who the devil is Eden making love to? “I’m confused, but it looks like her brother, so maybe it’s not Cash 😢,” inquired someone another. Someone said, “It’s Cash, why would Eden be kissing her brother for?”

There were also rumours that Tane had kissed Eden, but I think it’s safe to say that Cash, Eden’s long-term partner, and not Tane or her brother, was the person who made the kiss.

Fans of both Home and Away are still confused.
Sadly, the uncertainty didn’t end there because the identical effect was seen in another image.


Fans of Home and Away were forced to perform another double take when they saw that Xander (Luke Van Os) was kissing Dana (Ally Harris) in the picture due to its dark appearance and curly hair.

Someone questioned, “Is that Xander kissing his sister?” in reference to Rose (Kirsty Marillier). “The last pic looks like Xander and Rose!” Another person concurred.

Some chose to give up on the younger couples and draw attention to even more obvious gaps in the story.

“Marilyn needs someone, and Roo,” said someone else. Another individual said, “It’s about time Irene got some action that doesn’t end in murder.”


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