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Home and Away star’s daughter Scout attends ‘first red carpet’: ‘Grown up so much’


James Stewart, actor of Home and Away, was a pleased father after escorting his daughter Scout to her first red carpet event.

Make that “green carpet” move; the occasion in question was Wicked: The Musical’s Sydney premiere night.

Stewart posted a cute picture of the father and daughter at the event, grinning for the cameras, dressed in black.

While 11-year-old Scout donned a black sleeveless dress and stiletto sandals, the actor looked stunning in a black suit.


“Wicked to all those involved in @wickedinoz – I can now understand why all my friends said it was one of the best shows ever!” he said on Instagram.

Remarkable! Funny, endearing, gorgeously green, and amazing!

Notably, Scout’s first red carpet was actually a green carpet! Haha! 💚

Scout is the child of Stewart and his former partner, Jessica Marais.


Fans were astounded by Scout’s mature appearance.

One fan said, “Oh wow, Scout has grown up so much since I saw her last.”

“Jamie, you’re a wonderful father; congratulations from the bottom of my heart!”

“You two look amazing,” another person commented.


A third said, “Growing up so fast papa 🥰🙏.”

One said, “A lovely and priceless picture.”

“Wicked is wonderful,” a follower exclaimed, “She’s the perfect mix of both parents and unique still herself isn’t she!”

Another person said, “Beautiful… you must be so very proud.”

Stewart revealed that his young daughter was considering a career in entertainment as a way to follow in his footsteps in a recent interview with 7Life.

He disclosed, “She’s started… not directing me but kind of giving me some advice.”


He went on to say that Scout gave each character in Home and Away a unique voice, naming a few: Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou), Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), and Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher).

According to the father, his daughter is not interested in “song and dance acting” and has her sights set on the big screen.

He remarked, “We do a lot of stuff together because she’s becoming more curious about things and more independent.”

Every week, she amazes me.

“I love how she’s begun to really flex her own curiosity.”

Stewart regularly posts pictures of Scout on Instagram, demonstrating their strong friendship.

The actor recently posted a picture taken outside Sydney’s Taronga Zoo following a “Roar and Snore” event at night.

Actor Ryan Johnson wrote, “What a cool little cat you are raising there pal.”

“It goes by so quickly!”

After an exhilarating bridge climb, the two are seen in another picture at the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Excellent work, James! Nice time spent with your daughter as a family!,” an admirer commented.

Another said, “Special memories being made.”

Scout seemed to be content with who she is.

Fantastic photo!

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