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Home and Away reveals new affair twist for Levi in 15 pictures


Levi Fowler is concerned that when his wife Imogen comes in the Bay the following week on Channel 5’s Home and Away, his secrets might be revealed.

In another scene, Stevie Marlow’s reaction to the persistent stalker problem strains Cash Newman to the breaking point.

Imogen, Levi’s wife, arrives in the Bay on Monday, May 20.
After Eden extends an invitation, she shows up.

May 20, Monday: Levi welcomes Imogen
He keeps up the act as though everything in their marriage is going well.


May 20, Monday: Levi feels bad
By sleeping with Mac, he’s betraying Imogen even more.

May 20, Monday: Imogen expresses gratitude to Eden
She is appreciative of the invitation.

May 20, Monday: Things may easily become awkward.
Does Imogen’s proximity to Mac jeopardize the confidentiality of Levi and Mac’s affair?

Tuesday, May 21: Remi arrives by motorcycle
Following his most recent mishap, he is back on the road.


May 21, Tuesday: Stevie observes Remi
She shows curiosity in Cash’s neighbor.

Tuesday, May 21: Stevie might be assuming a lot of danger.
She’s sitting outside the house, where she might be observed by the enigmatic stalker.

May 21, Tuesday: Cash confronts Stevie
She shouldn’t be this noticeable, in his opinion.

Tuesday, May 21: Cash is upset because Stevie is overly daring.
He desires that she maintain a low profile.


Tuesday, May 21: Cash wants Stevie to start abiding by his rules after sending her ominous warnings about potential danger.

Tuesday, May 21: Stevie needs to spend time working on a new project.
For a forthcoming film project, she’s self-recording a tape, but Cash won’t be her scene partner.

May 21, Tuesday: Remi is at the residence
He continues to receive physical treatment in the pool.

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