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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Approaching Home and Away, Tane snatches infant Maia in a risky maneuver.

at other scenes, Levi and Mackenzie become tense after Imogen arrives at Summer Bay, while Remi and Stevie experience a passionate moment.

  1. When Imogen gets to the Bay

Reluctant to let Imogen remain, Levi is still upset with Eden and has to inform Mackenzie that his wife is visiting.

When Imogen and Eden decide to spend the evening at Salt, Levi’s worst fears are realized just as she arrives.


After deciding he should let Mac know ahead of time that he will be coming to her restaurant for supper with his wife, Levi secretly texts his sweetheart.

  1. Mac is an obsession for Levi.

Later, when Levi doesn’t seem interested in sharing a bed with Imogen in the hotel, Imogen feels abandoned.

Imogen tries to make a move toward intimacy by pointing out that it has been a long time since they were together. However, Levi’s attention is still firmly focused on the ceiling, and he is thinking about Mac.

  1. Tane becomes irritable

Though his continuous AVO keeps him from seeing Maia, Tane worries that she will be given to a temporary foster home. Harper declines to provide him such private information when he asks for the names of Maia’s new foster parents.


As Tane’s rage grows, he finds Rose at home and angrily attacks her, causing Mac to intervene and diffuse the situation.

  1. Mac engages in fire play

Afterwards, Mackenzie and Tane have a tearful conversation about Tane’s struggle for Maia and her difficult relationship with Levi.

As a result, Tane apologizes to Harper and Rose for his actions, while Mac can’t help but invite Eden and Imogen to coffee at Salt after spotting them.

Is she going to regret teasing the flames?

  1. Mac gives Levi the command to march.

Mac is aware of the suffering Imogen is creating, so he can’t help but feel guilty as she confides in Eden about her marital problems.

Against her better judgment, Mac pulls up a chair and participates in the conversation just in time to see Levi, his wife, sister, and mistress together, look terrified.

Upon visiting Mac later, he accuses her of attempting to ruin his life, to which she clearly responds, telling him to “go home to your wife!”

  1. Stevie and Remi share a bed.

ecstatic Cash says Stevie cannot go for safety reasons even if she is invited to audition for a romantic comedy.

Realizing it’s not a smart plan, Stevie chooses to submit a self-tape in its place and casts Remi as her romantic partner.

After returning to his place to record the tape, the flirtatious couple falls in love and ends up sharing a bed.

  1. Cash and Stevie come to an understanding

When Cash can’t find Stevie, he panics and leaves her a series of panicked voicemails.

Shortly after, he receives a notification on his phone that Stevie has uploaded a selfie of herself and Remi in bed on her social media accounts.

When Cash and Felicity show Stevie the riot act, she backs down and vows to exercise more caution going forward. Cash promises to assist Stevie with her audition after they come to an understanding.

  1. Bree is devastated.

Felicity tells Xander about Remi’s hook-up, since Bree is still unaware of it.

Xander makes the tough decision to show Bree Stevie’s post. The doctor pretends at first that she’s okay with Remi going on so fast before acknowledging that it has completely destroyed her.

  1. Bree approaches Xander

Dana feels sorry for Bree and offers to buy her some drinks for the afternoon to help her forget about Remi.

Bree then gives Xander a kiss after becoming enamored. Dana sees their encounter and becomes envious as he graciously declines her advances.

Afterwards, a hangover Bree apologizes to Xander and acknowledges that she has to find a more effective method to let go of Remi.

  1. Justin is stolen from by Theo

Valerie needs a fix from drugs, but her dealer wants payment in full up ahead.

When Justin tells Theo that Lyrik may be paid in cash for performing at his wedding celebration, a solution becomes apparent.

Theo then deceives Justin into lending him cash for the rental of their equipment, which he then uses to reimburse Valerie’s dealer.

  1. Kirby exposes Theo and Valerie

When Justin lies about the money and makes him confess to using it for Valerie’s drugs, Kirby becomes skeptical.

Disturbed by their actions, Kirby informs Justin about Valerie’s rapidly worsening addiction and does not hesitate to turn them in.

When Justin goes back to confront Theo, he’s not home. Justin, who has admitted to Kirby, is determined that Leah cannot find out what her nephew has done until after the wedding.

  1. John senses that pressure is mounting.

Concerned about finishing his marriage celebrant training in time for Justin and Leah’s wedding, John is under pressure.

Irene tells John that Justin is under a lot of pressure, but she is confident he’ll do a fantastic job.

John appreciates Irene’s belief in him and says that her comments are exactly what he needs to keep going.

  1. Tane becomes despondent

In regards to Maia, Rose calls a meeting with Tane and Roo. Tane is devastated as she confirms that the child will be picked up first thing tomorrow by emergency foster caregivers.

While Roo tries to console her friend, he is adamant that they are unable to resolve the issue.

  1. Tane abducts Maia, the baby

Dana breaks the AVO by consenting to sneak Tane into the hospital to say his own goodbyes, while Roo gives Maia a heartfelt farewell.

Rose, meanwhile, learns from her supervisor that a woman has come forward and is claiming to be Maia’s biological mother.

When Dana returns to the ward to tell Tane the good news, she discovers that both he and Maia have vanished entirely.

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