Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Home and Away reveals aftermath of Tane and Harper shock


Tane Parata of Home and Away promises to avoid Harper Matheson starting next week.

When Tane tries to kiss Harper, she rejects him, leaving him embarrassed.

After his marriage to his wife Felicity ended, the gym owner has been seeing other women again. He overestimates his luck, though, thinking that Harper, his new friend, might have feelings for him as well.

Harper is caught off guard by Tane’s attempt to kiss her in next week’s UK-pace episodes on Channel 5, and she tells him to give her some space.


Dana, Harper’s sister, calls Tane “the hot personal trainer” and pushes her to pursue a relationship with him. Harper, though, makes the point that Tane’s actions might have destroyed their friendship, and she doesn’t want to be just another fallback for him.

Subsequently, Tane confides in Cash, Felicity’s brother, about his feelings of shame regarding his mistake with Harper. He says he worries that he has permanently damaged their relationship.

Harper accepts Tane’s apology and his acknowledgement that they need some separation, so he gives her the information for a another personal trainer.

Harper observes attentively later in the week as Tane wraps off a boot camp training session on the beach.


Harper comes over and says she wants their friendship to remain and that their best course of action could be to act as though nothing occurred. Will the two be able to accomplish this?

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