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Home and Away reveals Cash Newman’s fate after suspension


Cash at Home and Away Next week, after learning whether or not he can retain his employment, Newman decides to take matters into his own hands.

After being suspended, the Summer Bay police officer is upset that his superiors won’t allow him to resume his previous position.

For weeks, Cash’s future has been in jeopardy since he defied rules to assist Dana Matheson when she was evading the law.

Even when DS Madden’s corruption and Dana’s innocence were proven, Cash’s superiors continued to harshly criticise him for disobeying the law.


Cash returns from his much awaited suspension review on Channel 5’s shows the following week, and he looks pleased with the outcome.

Cash gives his girlfriend Eden Fowler an update, acknowledging that he has no idea when the investigators will come to a conclusion.

Cash gets a call with a crucial news from the police station later that evening.

Cash is told that while he can return to his previous position, he will have to accept a reduction in position and less responsibilities.


Cash tells his superiors to “shove it” and quits the police department because he is offended and deeply disappointed by the decision. Does this actually mean that his tenure in the force is over?

The actor who plays Cash, Nicholas Cartwright, originally hinted at this plot at the beginning of the year when he disclosed that his character will be going through some career changes.

He stated to Perth Now that “the current storyline finds some sort of resolution, but it’s a massive journey getting there, without giving anything anyway.”

“Cash has a lot going on outside of that. He’s thinking about changing careers. Cash has always worked as a police officer in the Bay, so I imagine he’s growing a little impatient with that. A significant shift is on the horizon for Cash.”


Cash agreed to become a bodyguard for a well-known movie actress after accepting a job as a security guard at a mall in Australia.

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