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Home and Away promo sees Dean framed for PK’s death


Dean Thompson is poised to be framed for the murder of PK after his body was discovered on Summer Bay’s beach, according to a new Home and Away ad.

In recent weeks, PK (Ryan Johnson) has emerged as Summer Bay’s newest guest villain, making life difficult for Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) as she tries to get out of debt.

Mackenzie and Felicity have been holding illegal poker evenings at Salt to generate quick cash, and Felicity’s old pal Nathan (Ryan Panizza) has been a regular attendee at each one.

A variety of individuals have bet big while spending a lot of money behind the bar at the events, and the winnings have been slowly but steadily putting Salt back in the black.


Nathan ultimately brought along PK, a mysterious high roller who was planning his own private event with a large buy-in. Mac first refused, but she couldn’t say no when PK informed her that the event could net her $50,000 in one night.

PK, on the other hand, persuaded Mackenzie to throw the dinner without Felicity’s assistance, arguing that he would feel more secure without the presence of a cop’s sister.

Mac was out of her depth without Felicity’s poker experience, and PK duped her into believing that the house had lost – which is impossible in poker – and that she owed the players $100,000.

Mackenzie was told by PK that he had paid off the house’s debt to the players and that she could repay him by staying the night with him. Mackenzie resisted, promising to return him once she learned the truth about his deception, but things have only become worse in following episodes.


When PK dispatched two of his heavies into Salt, he proved he wasn’t to be trifled with. They wrecked the place, and when Tane (Ethan Browne) attempted to intercede, he was stabbed.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) tried to scare PK away by threatening to call the cops, but PK replied by leaving a photo of Dean’s kid Jai on Ben’s Boards’ counter.

Dean summoned the River Boys to Summer Bay, knowing he needed to take dramatic measures to get rid of PK and keep his son safe, and subsequent episodes showed them arriving in a car with PK tied up in the boot.

It’s unclear what they did with PK after that.


Then, in the most recent Australian episode, which aired on Tuesday evening, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) were walking along the beach when they came across a body.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier), two new cops, arrived quickly and set up a crime scene.

Rose learned the deceased’s ID not long after, and it was none other than Peter King, or PK.

Dean is set to be “the lead suspect” in the inquiry, according to a preview for upcoming episodes, but someone could be framing him.

The clip starts with Mackenzie crying as she tells Dean about the cops’ shocking discovery: “Hey, remember that body they found on the beach?” It was PK!”

The following image depicts the recent circumstances in which Dean enlisted the help of the River Boys to deal with PK. He was last seen with his hands shackled and a cloth put in his mouth in the boot of one of the boys’ automobiles.


What did Dean and the River Boys do with him after that, though?

“What did you do to PK?” Ziggy inquires, evidently concerned that her lover was involved in his murder.

Dean is prepared to defend himself, stating, “He threatened my son!”

Dean lunges at him in the Surf Club, warning him “if you have wounded him…”

Dean is then seen in the farmhouse kitchen cleaning blood off his hands.

Ziggy appears to be apprehensive that he and the boys may not be telling her the whole truth about what they did with PK.

As they walk across the park, she says, suspiciously, “You punch on with the person, and then he ends up dead.”

At the Yabbie Creek Police Station, we witness Nathan being interviewed by Cash.

“You might know whether he had any enemies that wanted him dead,” Cash suggests.

Nathan then says something that could eternally affect Dean’s life: “There is one guy…”

Nathan owes PK a significant amount of money. He not only owed PK money from gambling, but he also organised the heavies to come and trash Salt, and PK refused to give him the money to pay them after the botched job left Tane with a stab wound.

He clearly wants to see PK dead – did he perceive an opportunity to kill him and frame Dean?

Cash and Rose approach Dean as he sits on one of the seats outside the Surf Cub.

Cash tells him, “We need you to come down to the station with us, mate.”

Then we witness a swarm of officers descend on the farmhouse, with Cash declaring, “We have a warrant to search the property.”

“What?” Dean, puzzled, inquires.

What possible reason could the cops have for obtaining a search warrant?

Unfortunately for Dean, it appears like he is being set up. A blood-stained wrench is discovered in the boot of his automobile by the cops.

“That’s not mine,” Dean begs, but his plea is ignored.

Cash and Rose bundle him into the back of their police cruiser since there’s enough evidence to make him the main suspect.

Is Nathan the one who planted the wrench? The next frame shows Nathan watching from his side mirror.

As Dean is being examined at the police station, he begs with Cash once again, telling him, “You have to believe me, I had nothing to do with anything.”

Dean’s past with Colby (Tim Franklin) and Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak) makes it seem implausible that he would go to such lengths.

Will Dean be able to talk his way out of a murder accusation with all the evidence pointing to him and a solid motivation to boot?

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