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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor live in a modern and chic house


Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor of Home and Away have a sleek and stylish home.

The pair spent their confinement together, playing video games and throwing lavish birthday parties for one another.

People may be familiar with favourite soap characters Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson’s farmhouse, but their real residence is quite different.

Their living room is light and airy, with a white fireplace and a dining table with two grey seats.


Movie posters, a gold pineapple, and a round mirror have been used to decorate the space.

The players from Home and Away put a tall black shelf unit and a massive black TV stand to their grey sofa.

The couple’s bedroom is vibrant, with multicoloured bed sheets and a large print that perfectly matches their bed.

Sophie and Patrick also included wicker lockers with black lamps on top.


The room has cream walls and a wooden chest of drawers with a white vase filled with flowers and other trinkets.

Their bathroom consists primarily of white tiles, with a large bathtub and a towel rack above the door.

The living room and dining area are both open.

Patrick in the living room with their dog.


Patrick is taking a bath.

In their bathroom, Sophie takes a selfie.

Bedroom for the couple.

Sophie hanging out in her bedroom.

The actress likes to workout in their back garden.

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