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Home and Away newcomer Peter Phelps’ life – Baywatch fame and scammed out of cash


Peter Phelps began directing episodes of Home and Away in 2008, and now he’s back in the Australian serial as Gary Morrow. But what about his life outside of Summer Bay?

The actor, musician, and writer Peter Phelps is a newbie to the popular Australian drama Home and Away, playing Gary Morrow.

However, this is not his first time appearing in the adored drama in his new role.

Peter really started working on H&A in 2008 in a behind-the-scenes capacity. In 2012, he appeared on screen as Alan Henderson, and towards the end of 2016, he made a comeback as a completely different character.


The Sydney-born hottie, who rose to popularity in Baywatch, plays Gary, the foster father of Cash and Felicity Newman, in the serial opera.

Peter began his career as a heartthrob in Baywatch, but outside of his role on Home and Away, he has been duped out of money.

Home & Away’s initial and present roles

In fact, Peter started working on Home and Away in 2008 when he took the helm of 20 episodes of the cherished serial drama.


But in 2012, he transitioned from being a behind-the-scenes actor to appearing on television as Alan Henderson, a supporting role.

He was the on-screen father of Stu Henderson, who was portrayed by Brenton Thwaites, while he was playing the part of Alan.

Then, in 2022, he made a comeback to the show in the role of Gary Morrow, a close friend of the Newmans—the biological parents of Felicity and Cash—along with his late wife Katherine.

After their father committed suicide in 2006, the kids adopted Felicity and Cash as father figures, but they never truly accepted Gary and Katherine.


Therefore, Gary didn’t receive the best welcome when he showed up to meet his foster children at the end of 2022.

At the time, Jacqui Purvis, who plays Felicity, said to TV Week, “They had a rough history.

She said, “She feels ambushed by him [Gary] and Cash,” alluding to the fact that Cash had asked Gary to his sister’s wedding.

She said, “She’d assumed Cash would back her choice to avoid him, but instead, he forced her to face him.

This causes a rift between her and Cash, the author concludes.

famous Baywatch


Peter played the part of Trevor Cole on the popular Baywatch television series, where he first debuted as a haughty and conceited clubhouse lifeguard.

His then-girlfriend was left battling for her life during one of his boat parties in the series, which made him realise how little he knew about saving lives.

When Trevor first debuted in the drama series, he enrolled in the Baywatch Rookie School, and when he finished the programme with flying colours, he atoned for his past.

While on the hot show with Pamela Anderson, Peter’s character appeared to be developing feelings for another person.

A relationship with Jill Riley appeared to be taking off, but Peter departed the programme after Jill perished in a shark attack.

Being the first male Australian Baywatch lifeguard to appear on television, Peter’s character made history.

Out of money and in financial ruin

Peter declared on Facebook in May 2015 that the future of his children and his property were “gone.”

Peter was said to have lost more than $400,000 AUD (£230,000) eight years ago after becoming a victim of investment adviser Brad Sherwin.

After making investments with Brad’s company Wickham Securities, some 300 self-funded retirees reportedly lost up to $27 million AUD (£15.5 million) in 2015, according to Fairfax.

Peter vented about his financial woes on Facebook, writing: “Superannuation stolen by bankrupt ‘financial adviser’ Brad Sherwin.

Was property investing great, but the c*** lied to us.

Kids’ future. Farm. “Gone,” he said in a dejected tone.

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