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Home and Away spoilers: Theo and Kirby on the rocks after major fallout?


In Home and Away, Theo (Matt Evans) has been keeping busy lately by concentrating on his girlfriend, the band, and his work at the garage.

But he is still not giving his TAFE work top priority. Theo isn’t disturbed when Kirby (Angelina Thomson) tells him of his future assignment because it won’t be due for a while and he’d much rather spend time with her. Kirby tries to convince him to shoulder some of the blame, but her remarks are ignored.

Soon after John (Shane Withington) starts chatting to Theo about an impending charity golf tournament that Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) are organising, Theo’s calendar becomes extra hectic. Theo is a skilled golfer, therefore John is determined to bring him onto the team. Theo claims he will only agree to it if Kirby may also participate.

Theo grudgingly goes to the Diner to “fuel up” before his big study session when Kirby reminds him of his homework when she spots him meandering around town. Marilyn, however, seizes the chance to grill Theo about important words after learning that he knows a bit or two about golf. Before Theo realises it, he’s back at Marilyn’s house conducting a sports interview.


Theo starts to feel as though he is being tugged in a million different directions as a result of being asked by Justin to sign for a package at the garage while also needing to attend a band meeting and being unable to stop Marilyn from interrogating him. He is compelled to go the garage, but upon there, he discovers that the job is actually due the following day—he had though he had a week!

Theo panics as he realises he’ll have to stay up all night, and his feelings spiral as Kirby approaches with snacks to provide moral support.

He vents his annoyance on Kirby, chewing Kirby’s head off feeling guilty for not paying attention to her earlier.

Kirby is shocked—how could he treat her that impolitely—not it’s her fault he’s in trouble! She rushes out, but Theo must concentrate on his task before he can consider resolving the conflict with Kirby.


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