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Home and Away sets up Dean and Ziggy’s exits from Summer Bay


Next week, Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson’s exit narrative from Home and Away will begin to air in the UK.

The popular couple have already departed the show at the rate of Australia, but because of Channel 5’s broadcast lag, they have continued to appear on screen longer in the UK.

All that could change next week is some unexpected news from Dean’s former partner, Amber Simmons.

When Dean finds out that Amber will be relocating in a week to take a new job in Far North Queensland, he is taken aback.


As the news settles in, Dean calculates that he will have to drive 21 hours to see his small son Jai, who resides with Amber.

Ziggy doubts that Amber can take action without Dean’s approval, but he is not optimistic that they will be able to make any changes at this late date.

Not long after, Ziggy hears an emotional Dean discussing her big brother with newborn Izzy.

Ziggy is devastated and confused about how to maintain Dean’s entire family’s unity.


In early May, Dean and Ziggy finally leave Home and Away thanks to these scenes.

The last scenes Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman filmed for the roles were released on Australian screens in March of last year.

Since then, the real-life pair has relocated to the UK in order to explore new professional prospects.

Patrick posted the following last month on Instagram: “Well, my friends, my time as a River Boy has come to an end.


“To @louise.bows to the woman who made it all possible. You are such a remarkable character. A young man embarking on a new journey of rearing his own, having grown up in a broken household. I appreciate being welcomed into the Blood & Sand.

“I am incredibly grateful to the producers, actors, and crew for giving me this incredible opportunity and staring at my giant mug for the past five and a half years. I really miss working there since it’s been such an amazing environment, but even more so the individuals I’ve met along the road. I got to know some truly wonderful people.

“To the fans, in the end, without you, there would be no show. It really is an unforgettable experience because of you. I appreciate your help and will never forget the affection you gave me, #alwaysariverboy.”

“Every day that I played Ziggy, she motivated me to grow as a woman and an actor,” Sophie continued. I’d want to thank everyone who helped to make her. I’d like to thank the staff and cast. Every day I miss you, but I doubt you realise how much I scream along the hallways in my bare feet.

“The fans deserve the greatest appreciation. It is only with your help that we are able to carry out our work. I will always be appreciative.”

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